Top Ten Reasons To Switch To E-Cigarettes

Matt Wallace
Aug. 28, 2013
by Matt Wallace

Why Switch to E-Cigarettes?

mig cigs blueberry e cig cartridgeYou can’t deny the momentum of electronic cigarettes and how they are sweeping the globe. The hot and trendy e-cigarette really does have a lot to say and it’s not just blowing smoke. They really are designed specifically to help folks switch from smoking to a tobacco free alternative and we have listed the top 10 reasons why you should go ahead and give them a try especially if you’ve been looking for a tobacco alternative.

1.   No fire or smoke.    Which means no ash. E-cigarettes produce water vapor that looks and feels like a warm hit. No more smelly butts in ashtrays and empty cans.

2.   Look and Feel Like Smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are intended to replicate the sensation of smoking. You get a cloud of smoke-like vapor, a realistic full “hit” at the back of your throat when you inhale. You also even get a glowing tip when you take a puff. Add a tobacco flavored cartridge and e-cigs can be better than the real thing.

3.   No Smell.    The smell of smoke is unfavorable and annoying to many people. It’s one of those things where you may not notice, but others certainly do. Cigarette smoke gets not only on your clothes, but your skin and hair as well. If you smoke in your home or car the smell is almost impossible to remove. The flavored water vapor may have a slight scent, but it dissipates very quickly.

4.   No More Yellow Teeth.    The tar when you smoke a cigarette causes teeth stains and even stains your fingers if you’re a heavy smoker. There is no tar or harsh chemicals in e-cigarettes to cause staining.

5.   No Second Hand Smoke.    E-cigarettes are water vapor and not smoke. There is no fire or burning stream to annoy anyone and since they’re safer than smoking, they don’t pose a risk to anybody close to you.

6.   Choose Your Nic Strength.

E-cigs can be completely customizable for you. You choose your nicotine strength depending on how much you need. So, you can start on 1.8mg cartridges and then as you get used to it work down to 1.2mg, 6mg and eventually no nicotine at all if you like. You can’t do that with cigarettes without changing your brand several times!

In addition, you might want to try our new Ulta strength nicotine.

7.   Save Money.    A single e-cigarette cartridge contains the same amount of nicotine as around 20 cigarettes. When you consider the fact that you can get a five-pack of cartridges for less than the price of two packs of cigarettes the cost-savings are immediately clear. 100 cigarettes worth of nicotine for the price of 40? Oh, yes please.

8.   Delightful Abundant E-cig Flavors.

One of the best things about e-cigarettes is that the cartridges can be flavored.You still get your nicotine, but you can enjoy it in blueberry, vanilla, cherry, as well as tobacco and menthol flavors. You can enjoy the sensation of smoking in a whole new way.

9.   Freedom To Smoke in More Places.    Using an e-cigarette is considered vaping, not smoking. This means that they aren’t covered by the vast majority of smoking bans. In essence, you can use them in more places that have banned smoking. People are even allowed to use them in workplaces because it helps with productivity. No more having employees taking long smoking breaks or having to stand outside in cold weather just to enjoy a smoke.

10.   Fewer Ingredients.    With electronic cigarettes, their are between 4 and 11 ingredients depending on the flavor mixes and manufacturer. Regular cigarettes have around 600 ingredients and when they are burned, the combustion creates nearly 4000 chemicals that you are consuming. You do the math.

Ready to make the switch to electronic cigarettes? We have a full line of electronic starter kits to suit any unique personality and smoking needs. Be sure to check out our Deal of the Day Coupon posted on our home page banner.





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