Top 3 Summer Vaping Hot Spots

Matt Wallace
Jun. 15, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Seattle WA

With summer on the rise, more people are going to be out on the streets shopping to their hearts content. The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed in the last year alone. Many business owners have turned their focus to selling the products to satisfy those vaping users’ needs. The cities are now realizing vaping’s more than just getting a nicotine fix, it’s a lifestyle.

With that said, these three summer vaping hot spots in the country we’ll breakdown are Seattle, WA, Oklahoma City, OK, and the beaches of California.

Feeling the warm ocean breeze on your skin while your toes are in the sand and you bask in the summer sun (not too long though) is a dream vacation for many. Knowing that you’re allowed to publicly vape without consequence is even more inviting. The beaches of California allow people to vape at their pleasure without the fear of being fined or restricted to certain areas for their pleasure. The beaches believe since there’s no pollution to the grounds, there’s no reason to allow guests not to do it.

Enjoying the feel of the west while taking in the flavor of your electronic cigarette is the idea most would enjoy. Oklahoma City, OK has a variety of new vaping shops that appeal to the users. This city’s vaping friendly for the most part. The vacationers and residents that vape won’t be fined or penalized for indulging in the habit. Unlike other small and major cities, OKC doesn’t have a restriction on the nicotine content of the e-juice. At times during the year, the city will host vaping events to promote their products.

In Seattle, WA there are major vaping events held throughout the year. The guests will have the opportunity to meet up with friends and socialize with new people all for the same cause. This city is one people can vape freely in without fear of persecution. The shops have the latest styles, accessories, flavors, and more for the vaping experience. Thought most of the state is trying to make it difficult for vape shop owners and vapers alike, at least in Seattle, those that like vaping can truly relax and enjoy their surroundings all while being themselves.

The vaping experience is replacing the traditional smoking habits. It’s much better for the environment, as there’s no risk of littering or clean-up from the vaping device. Although many cities in the country are starting to have strict laws about vaping in public, many places around the country are embracing the vaping culture. This is a new and exciting trend that’s more than just a way to satisfy a nicotine craving, it’s a fascinating lifestyle, especially during the summertime.





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