Top 3 Summer MigQuids

Jun. 9, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Summer relaxing

Summer is basically here! Thoughts drift away to blue skies, sunshine, vacations, relaxing on the beach, and cocktails in the sand. Coordinate your mood with your e-liquid line. Live it! Feel it! Breathe it! Taste it! High-quality and delicious summer-inspired MigQuids can enhance the experience by bringing the feel and taste of summer to life. Summer sun, summer fun, and sweet summer MigQuids flavors guaranteed to make your taste buds dance, ring in the season with perfection. The summer-sational line of MigQuids are bursting with flavor. The answer is “Why not try them all!” The question is “Gosh, with so many tasty, tempting options, how can I possibly choose the best summer MigQuid?” You asked, and we answered.

Behold, the Top 3 awesome summer MigQuid choices:

MigQuid #3: Caribbean Freeze

Imagine, you are traveling on a cruise ship. No! You are on an island. No! You are on a Caribbean Island. Okay, you are traveling on a cruise ship (or private yacht maybe?) docked at a Caribbean Island. It’s hot! MigQuid Caribbean Freeze is as refreshing as a tropical breeze. The delicious flavor combination is a blast of strawberry and mango infused with high-quality menthol. 50/50 PG VG

MigQuid #2: Pina Colada Ultra-Premium E-Liquid

White sandy beaches, hammocks, bikinis, lounging by the pool, and, of course, a Pina Colada. What is missing? MigQuid Pina Colada Ultra-Premium E-Liquid. The relaxing flavor and feel reflect the classic concoction of pineapple and coconut we all know and love; hammock sold separately.

MigQuid #1: Tropic Storm Ultra-Premium E-Liquid

Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with the fun and frolic of summer. The tropical storms and hurricanes of the season would be a bore without fruit juice based cocktails and summertime hurricane parties. MigQuid Tropic Storm Ultra-Premium E-Liquid unites strawberry, pineapple, and orange into a glorious tsunami of flavor. 50/50 PG VG

Popping with kiwi and strawberry, the runner-up, MigQuid Berry Beach Ultra-Premium E-Liquid, is well deserving of an honorable mention. 50/50 PG VG

With few exceptions, most e-liquid flavor lines offer a generic and similar selection of choices and combinations. The assortments are standard, at best. However, at Mig Cigs we raised the bar. We’re known as a high-quality resource for electronic cigarettes and related products, and we’ve stepped out of the box by creating a unique line of MigQuids (E-Liquids) with exceptional flavor combinations that tantalize the senses.





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