Today’s New Smoker Isn’t Smoking, But Vaping

Matt Wallace
Mar. 8, 2015
by Matt Wallace

The New Thing Vaping

Vaping has become the favorable way to smoke (even though to us vapers, vaping isn’t smoking), making it rather unpopular to be a tobacco smoker. While this method offers an almost identical approach, with a very uncanny experience, vaping couldn’t be any more dissimilar than traditional smoking where it actually counts. Here are some reasons to back that up:

Reason #1: It’s a Cleaner Experience

We all know how grimy traditional tobacco filled cigarettes are. I mean, from the unlimited trash, the gross chemical-filled butts, the ash that gets all over the place, the way it blemishes your hands, leaves disgusting residual tar on everything, and it’s just not a nice-looking habit by any means. Vaping on the other hand, eliminates all of that! Overall, vapor’s nice and clean, and with that comes a lack of a terrible smoking smell. If you’re still smoking, envision how awesome it’ll be to actually smell nice!

Reason #2: It’s a Non-Fire Hazard

According to FEMA, traditional cigarettes cause 7,600 fire-related deaths each year. Obviously flammable, and quite the manufacturers of combustion, they can be extremely dangerous. However, vaporizers, electronic cigarettes, and MOD devices don’t produce flames or combustion because they’re electric powered. This makes them much safer and you don’t have to worry about your house burning down either.

Reason #3: Vaping Won’t Stain Your Teeth

The tar from tobacco can stain your teeth like nothing else. Vapor doesn’t leave disgusting tar behind as evidence. One of the best reasons to choose vaping as your preferred method of nicotine delivery is that it’s much kinder on the teeth and gums than traditional cigarettes.

Reason #4: Vaping Users Are Sexier

Smokers don’t just smell bad, have stained teeth, and are less healthy than non-smokers, but they also carry a stigma of being less attractive as a result of these things. Though we’re judging a book by its cover to an extent, there are general opinions that do run unrestrained when it comes to dating. If you want to give yourself an automatic boost in the hotness department, drop the cigarettes for good and make the switch to vaping.

Reason #5: Your Choices of Flavors To Choose From

I mean seriously, this is a no-brainier. Mig Cigs has a wide variety of e-liquids and cartridges to choose from. No tobacco company out there can compete with that! Try them for yourself in different flavors that’re sweet, sour, fruity, or even the simpler tastes of menthol and mint.

These reasons are just the beginning. Vaping opens up new doors of possibilities, and there’s no reason to deny yourself a more comfortable, enjoyable, and less expensive lifestyle!





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