Tips to Fixing a Leaky Vaporizer

Matt Wallace
Jun. 23, 2015
by Matt Wallace


A leaking vaporizer can lead to an uncomfortable and messy vaping experience, contrary to what vaping gurus have been used to. Well, a leaking vaporizer happens at some point to all vapers. This incident, however, shouldn’t cause alarm or panic to vapers, but they do need to be aware that it’s harmful to your health since the nicotine affects your skin and spreads out to your body.

Therefore, a leaking vaporizer should be fixed immediately. In most cases, the e-liquid leaks out of your vaporizer tank and into the battery. This normally happens when a user vigorously inhales on the cartomizer. The liquid then overflows from the tank and into the battery.

If this is the case, then the vaporizer can easily be fixed. This is only valid if the coil hasn’t been damaged. The easiest and most efficient way to fix this is by disassembling your vaporizer and letting it dry completely. You can also choose to dry it up with a clean absorbent towel. While drying off and cleaning the parts, keen attention should be paid on the battery terminals. After it has completely dried up, gently blow through the tip of the vaporizer to ensure that the liquid hasn’t clogged or blocked your vaping device. Thereafter, it’s safe to reassemble the vaporizer and use it as if it was brand new.

It’s prudent to first check out the vaporizer, to see where the problem is before coming to a solution on how to fix it. While checking the vaporizer out, ensure that the threading hasn’t been done too tightly. This is a major cause of leaky vaporizers. You should also make certain that the o-ring that provides an air-tight seal isn’t broken. Some leaky vaping disasters are caused by cracking of the tube. After disassembling the device, the best solution to such a situation is replacing the tube with a new quality one.

Some vaping gurus prefer to use highly concentrated e-juices while vaping. This is a nice experience but can destroy the tank hence rendering it faulty. In such situations, users are advised to go for glass tanks. These tanks aren’t affected by concentrated e-juices and don’t crack easily. Another technique of fixing a leaky vaporizer is switching to a manual battery. A user should also consider replacing the drip tip on the vaporizer when found to be leaking. If the coil has been damaged, well, the only solution to this tragedy is replacing your vaporizer with a new one.





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