The World of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Matt Wallace
Jul. 14, 2015
by Matt Wallace

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Most vaporizers have a dry coil that heats the dry herbs. These devices come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Some are simple and others are portable loaded with electronics without a heating coil. Dry herbs and tobacco are popular because they are readily available and require little processing by the user.

How Do They Work?
Vaporizers have a heating chamber either ceramic or metal, a heating coil, and an energy source, most often a battery. Vaporizers for herbs often have a filter or screen. When the coil heats up to a certain temperature, it vaporizes the chemicals in the dry herbal mixtures.

Some people use a glass or other type of screen in the heating chamber to make the herbs burn better. The glass screen’s placed on the heating coil. The purpose of this is to block any contact between the heating coil and herbs. It’s suggested that you don’t put too many herbs in the chamber.

Portable Vaporizers
The electronic portable vaporizers often have a more powerful heating system. Some have a rechargeable battery, charging cable, cleaning brush, silicone mouth piece, mesh filters, batteries, and 3 different heating temperatures.

Some electronic models have a ceramic chamber, LED display, temperature control and memory that recalls the last temperature setting. They use dry herbs, tobacco, wax and even e-juice. Many come with a wall charger, USB port, adapter, mesh, cleaning brush, cleaning brush, wax chamber, and silicone mouth pieces.

Electronic portable vaporizers are more expensively designed for the regular user. They’re easier to use and often come with all the needed accessories to make the experience pleasant.





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