The Sudden Uptick of On-Campus Vaping

Matt Wallace
Nov. 21, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Campus Vaping

Electronic cigarettes are replacing the traditional ones fast. They’re cheaper and represent a better alternative for the environment, and there’s a great variety of  e-liquid tastes and aromas to choose from. This explains why they offer a joyful experience to vapers. This alternative to smoking has started to gain popularity among young people at college campuses as well, but has also been a reason for a heated debate between college campuses.

Some of the students who’ve already tried electronic cigarettes think they aren’t harmful at all. They also claim that electronic cigarettes completely satisfy their need for nicotine. Besides this, we shouldn’t forget that electronic cigarettes come in different styles and colors. So, it may be that this is also very appealing to them because they’ve an opportunity to choose those e-cigarettes that best contribute to and reflect their styles. Also, unlike traditional cigarettes, this new alternative to smoking offers a great variety of tastes and aromas, which appears to be very interesting to younger age groups who like to experiment and try out new things.

Why do some campuses permit vaping?

There’s this unresolved issue about whether or not vaping should be allowed on campuses. There’s a number of college campuses that’re in favor of electronic cigarettes. Their decision to allow vaping is based on the results obtained through some researches which indicate that it may not only protect vapers from damaging effects of smoking, but may also be a way of reducing the influence of these effects on the environment and non-smokers.

Although there are many researches stating it’s a better alternative, it’s still based on taking in nicotine, and this is the reason why some college campuses are still not willing to open their doors to vaping. Namely, their attitude is based on the need to protect their employees and students from an exposure to secondhand smoke since they don’t really agree that e-cigarettes are not that harmful. However, it’s not smoke, it’s vapor so that’s an invalid reason. Also, some faculty members hold the view that e-cigarettes would be a distraction in classrooms while some believe that further research on the devices should be conducted.





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