Vaping Community Rights

Matt Wallace
Mar. 30, 2015
by Matt Wallace

vaping community

You might be aware that the vaping industry’s increasing at a rapid rate. And with that, we’ve all been affected by the positives electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and MODs have done for us. As loyal vaping enthusiasts, you’re also aware of some of the agony growth and the ever-constant display of regulations we all face. So as a vaping user, how much are you aware of your rights to vape? Do you know what’s been happening in this industry?

There’s tons of misleading information around, from studies being published on vital news sites to those being reported on TV. That’s not to say all the information out there’s incorrect, but it’s just that there’s a lot of spread out information that contains a good amount mixed reporting and inaccurate stories.

The FDA’s currently coordinating a sequence of seminars on electronic cigarettes, while taking into “consideration” what others, including the vaping community, have to say. The first one they did was last December, with the majority of those presenting being consumer officials, not specialists. This isn’t the premier of examples when it comes industry experience, and is indeed not the highest degree of “expert” voices.

Because the vaping industry is made up of people from all over that use different products, while covering a lot dissimilar scopes of the market, there’s a need for voices from everywhere. If the FDA requests “expert” voices, they should look no further than those that live and breathe this movement on a daily basis here in the United States!





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