The Right Area and Temp for Storing Your E-Liquids

Matt Wallace
May. 26, 2015
by Matt Wallace


All e-liquid should be stored at a room temperature of ~21°C (70°F). This’ll ensure the liquid keeps its flavor, strength, and freshness.

Depending on the conditions, specifically heat, light and air, e-liquid may alter in color due to either oxidation or the nicotine in the liquid. It won’t make it go bad, but it changes the taste a bit and if left for a long period of time exposed to these conditions, it may make the taste and strength weaker. The process happens slowly over the course of time, and is much slower if stored in sealed and dark conditions. Again, the presence of oxygen, heat and light accelerates this process. Nicotine-free e-liquid stays fresh longer, usually 12-18 months, if the liquid’s kept in an ideal environment.

E-liquid, if stored in a cool, dark and dry place can have the original taste for as long as 2+ years. However, it should ideally be used within 12 months after the date it was manufactured, especially if nicotine is present. The longer you store the liquid for, the thicker and darker it’ll become, and the more the flavor and nicotine strength will degrade, again however, it’ll not go bad.

In the case of the using cartomizers, we recommend you consume the cartridges within 2 weeks of unsealing. However, if not un-sealed, they usually preserve the actual taste for 2 years from date of manufacturing for nicotine-free units. If there’s nicotine, then it’s good for 1-year for original taste and strength.





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