The Proof is in the Mig Quid

Matt Wallace
Jul. 31, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Over the last few years, I’ve gone through brand after brand of e-liquid, looking for that masterful mixture that could draw me in every single time I took a puff. Mig Cigs E-Liquids are definitely that brand. With each and every single drag, the taste is always top notch! Strong and consistent, the master’s at Mig Cig have created the finest class of e-liquids I have ever had the pleasure of vaping.

From that first exhalation of the Caribbean Freeze flavor I was in love! Never before had I had an e-liquid flavor that captured that ultimate essence of menthol that I enjoyed, coupled with tropical flavors that left my taste buds in awe.

Their classic red flavor is called Nirvana Grunge and it’s the most heartiest and bold of any other e-liquid on the market!

The Tobacco Junkie flavor is another great choice for any vaper. A classic blend infused with almonds and hazelnuts is sure to provide perfect satisfaction every time.

If regular tobacco or menthol flavors aren’t you’re favorite types of e-liquid, don’t worry Mig Cigs has you covered! With such an impressive array of flavors ranging from fruits to coffee, even food flavors to satisfy every vapers taste.

Another one of my top choices is Dragons Milk. A fantastic mixture of pomegranate, raspberry, and strawberry that pulls on your heartstrings of pleasure.

From personal experience, as a vaper, I can tell you that Mig Cigs’ e-liquids are quality and well worth it. Don’t miss out on this excellent product or its great price. The taste is fantastic and will always satisfy your vaping desire.





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