The Popularity of Car Chargers for Vaporizer Units

Matt Wallace
Sep. 8, 2014
by Matt Wallace


One of the newest accessories for vaporizer units to experience a rise in popularity in are car charges for these units. As society made the switch to electronic cigarettes, the most frequent places they were used were the local vape shop and at home. Many people are discovering that their craving for traditional cigarettes happens when they’re on the road. It’s only been recently that drivers who are continuing their exceptional habit-breaking effort can recharge vaporizer units while they drive.

For obvious reasons, the rise in popularity of vehicle chargers for vaping has grown most with commuters and overland truck drivers. Long hours of driving can induce the need to light-up. Smoking is even more attractive when the desire is there, but the device is without power. Many new vaporizer consumers will fall “off the wagon,” and sneak a tobacco cigarette in lieu of a convenient vaping experience.

The popularity of car charger for vaporizers has leveled this new innovations cost to between $15 and $30 US dollars. Even companies that sell vaporizers now carry an amazing variety of novel car chargers to ensure that consumers have all they need to continue the effort to quit regular cigarettes.

Vaporizer car chargers are constructed in very much the same way as other electronic devices. The spring-loaded connection plugs effortlessly into a car’s cigarette lighter port (hopefully with the burner thrown away). The lead wire is universal and plugs directly into the unit. Vaporizers can be handled the same as a smart phone, GPS device, or media player

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide use of vaporizers as a smoking alternative increases year-after-year by as much as 60%. Many of these consumers are on the road daily and have great success with vaporizers if they can be utilized while driving. Instead of reaching for a tobacco cigarette, many drivers are choosing to have a vaporizer and accompanying car charger nearby whenever the need to smoke arises.

It’s proven that long periods behind the wheel causes stress that’s unlike any other in normal daily living. People who’re on the road all of the time are especially susceptible to relapse into smoking habits as they negotiate the road. A vaporizer without a power source provides no comfort in a time of need. This is precisely why the makers of today’s most popular vaporizers are now making charging sources available in the places where vaporizers are needed the most!





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