The Perks and Downfalls of Winter Vaping

Matt Wallace
Dec. 9, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Winter has arrived and this is a season where smokers have less perks than the vaping enthusiasts. Previous smokers understand that when winter comes, there are a lot of situations which make their smoking venture very difficult or a cold journey to take in order to smoke their cigarettes. The vaping community understands that nothing really changes for the most part, as they can simply enjoy their vaping privileges as normal.

The Top Perks of Winter Vaping

During the winter time, it’s known that in order to enjoy a cigarette in most locations, the user needs to step outdoors. As a vaping enthusiast, the same rules apply as you can vape indoors (for the most part) while keeping yourself warm without the need to have to step outside in most locations or have to step outside your home. The worst feeling is having to step outside for a moment of enjoyment but vaping enthusiasts have nothing to worry about in this regard. The anticipation of grabbing your coat, putting your shoes on, grabbing your hat and your scarf to go outside to smoke is a thing of the past or a thing that’s irrelevant for a vaping enthusiast. Also, as opposed to smokers, a vaping enthusiast can enjoy their vaping session without having to rush in order to get back into warmth while vaping in the winter. As previous smokers understand, when smoking in the cold, you tend to rush or put out your cigarette earlier than normal, thus wasting a cigarette due to being cold. This doesn’t occur in the vaping industry as you’ll save e-liquid and money by being able to enjoy your full session. You have control of how much to vape and how long you want to vape for.

Downfalls of Winter Vaping

The two popular downfalls that the vaping community has noted, can be fixed through a couple of steps. Users who own MODs that have steel tips may have an issue with their lips sticking to tip due to the cold. The remedy for this situation is to keep lips moist by using lip balm or simply changing your tip to keep your lips from sticking to your MOD. The second major downfall comes from your vape cloud sticking to your car windows while vaping and driving. Cloud chasers who drive will experience a bigger fog on their windows than smokers but Rain X or opening the window can help solve this specific downfall.

Although there are a few downfalls, the perks of vaping outweigh the downfalls.





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