The New Vaping Culture Grows Larger Everyday

Matt Wallace
Feb. 25, 2015
by Matt Wallace


In today’s age, millennials have begun to participate in the use of vaping, as opposed to the traditional practice of buying cigarettes at any local retail establishment. While the product itself is still quite new, the invention of the electronic cigarette has gotten many people off the expensive use of cigarettes, particularly the younger generations. The upbringing of the millennial generation consists of constant exposure to the consequences of smoking through graphical media, literature, and a national movement in the science world of promoting better health. The advanced research that’s available to the millennial generation has made a substantial impact on reducing the amount of smokers.

The vaping culture has been around for many years, however, it was only in 2014 that the culture took off with the millennial generation dominating market sales. The e-cigarette industry has tailored its product to appeal to the younger generation, focusing on the improved taste and declining health affects it could have. It has led to a generation of new users who never thought they’d be interested in using e-cigarettes, MODS, and other vaping devices. Many have gone to use the products because they’re considered to be a user friendly experience that’s cost effective in the long run, and considered by many vaping users to be a controlled addiction.

There are still many millennials today, who’re either conflicted about smoking or addicted, but fear health related consequences. However, when e-cigarettes came out, the confusion was minimized, as many saw vaping as a cost effective solution to smoking as well as minimizing health concerns. Older generations presented conflicting stereotypes to children that smoking was cool, while at the same time showing parental concern that their kids were being peer pressured into using. For most smokers, vaping has been the big solution to all of these points, mainly for giving those with true addictions a sense of relief that they’re not putting their health at greater risk.

The frequency of vaping among high school students was around 10% in 2012, bringing the American total to 3.4%. (Wikipedia)

The biggest advantage to vaping is that e-cigarettes are highly customizable, equivalent to the market of having many different cigarette brands that expel different chemical tastes. E-cigs have models with three different generations and have varying components that can affect the intensity of vapor inhalation. Most importantly, smokers can inhale multiple flavors of e-liquid for vaporizing that can make the taste way more appealing, especially for those who may not be as big of a fan of the regular nicotine taste.

The combination of the customization, affordability, and a healthier function of vaping, has made those who even never would consider smoking, experiment with this activity. While smoking’s recreational by definition, it’s a mechanism that people defer to deal with stress, thus questions the main purpose of vaping to begin with. The main answer is vaping is not smoking.

It can be expected that the taste, affordability, and trending use will make the activity a growing one among many youths in the coming years. Many researchers suggest that the trend of vaping will only increase with younger age groups leading the way.

The improvements made in vaping products and hardware components have made the activity appealing to more people by the day whether for addition or recreational use. The popularity of vaping has helped expand the industry to the point where e-cig shops are going up everywhere. Nationwide sales in 2014 show that vaping products reached 2 million dollars, and projects to go up to 10 billion dollars annually by 2017. Overall, research shows that vaping isn’t going anywhere, and that today’s generation of e-cig users will be leading the way for future generational use.





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