The Impact Vaping Has On Our Troops

Matt Wallace
Nov. 20, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Many people love vaping due to the fact that they’re able to safely vape various kinds of e-liquids. The typical kinds available to be used in your vaping device usually invokes a sense of calm and tranquility, similarly to the feeling that a tobacco smoker experiences once nicotine enters their blood stream. As such, vaping has had a tremendous impact on the tobacco smoking population of the military.

Cost Effectiveness

While it may be true that soldiers can acquire their favorite name brand cigarettes during the midst of a deployment at what’s known as a “PX store”, the trade-off for this convenience is at a higher price. By utilizing a vaporizer, the biggest investment that the soldier will have to make is for the device itself.

Doesn’t Affect Combat Readiness

The term “combat ready” is used to describe a soldier’s overall level of fitness in relation to performing his/her duties. For example, combat ready soldiers are extremely athletic, experience mental clarity and is physically and mentally prepared to undergo the stresses of combat. Cigarettes can affect a soldier’s combat readiness in the sense that tobacco smoke has a negative impact the cardiovascular system. Additionally, it’s a well-known fact that soldiers who smoke are not able to perform their duties as efficiently as they can (physical wise) as opposed to someone who does not smoke. Vaping is the exact opposite of this as it will help the soldiers increase their combat readiness.

Better Way to Relieve Stress

The hardest thing that a soldier endures during a deployment is the stresses that are associated with combat and his/her duties that they have to conduct while they are stationed. While it may be true that soldiers may be able to gain a certain degree of relief by inhaling nicotine through the utilization of tobacco, as mentioned before this can lead to a decrease in combat readiness.

When you look at the fact that being combat ready can literally mean life or death in a combat situation such as a deployment, when it’s all said and done the most significant impact that vaping has on our troops is the fact that it literally saves lives.





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