The Differences Between E-Liquids and Cartridges

Matt Wallace
Feb. 21, 2015
by Matt Wallace


E-liquids/e-juices and cartridges are both used for electronic cigarettes. When deciding which one you want, it’s important to get familiar with both products first.

Electronic Cigarettes with E-liquid

E-Liquid’s the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette. It’s where the nicotine and flavoring for your vaping device comes from. It creates the vapor that you inhale to mimic smoking a traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes that take e-liquid have a battery base called an atomizer, and also a cartomizer which’s on top that holds the e-liquid. Most of these e-cigarettes can come in many different colors and shapes, but most don’t really look like a classic cigarette at all. You simply refill the top when you begin to see the e-liquid diminish.

One thing to worry about in regards to e-liquid is of course over filling. If this happens, then you’re likely to get a mouth full of e-liquid. It can also be completely harmful to small children and pets, so remember to be careful.

Electric Cigarettes with Cartridges

Cartridges are for a different type of electronic cigarette then that which takes the liquid. Instead of refilling a cartomizer like the other e-cigarettes, you simply exchange the empty cartridge for a full one. The bottom part of the e-cig is what gets exchanged.

Electronic cigarettes that take cartridges instead of e-liquid has the option to look more like a cigarette. They get held in a similar manor as well. This will give you a better feeling as if you were smoking a traditional cigarette then the e-cigarette that takes the liquid. Sometimes this is a better option, but as stated before, it can also have a silicone bottom if you choose that option and still want the cartridges.

There’s no real need to worry about cleaning anything when you switch flavors for your e-cig with cartridges. You simply unscrew the empty one, switch the cartridge to a full one, and throw the empty one away. If you want to exchange them before the cartridge is completely empty, you simply reseal it with a cap.

Choosing What’s Best for You

Each type, whether it be e-liquid or cartridges, both offer good points, and down sides. Deciding which is best for you depends solely on your specific preferences. At Mig Cigs, we carry a wide variety of both. So, whichever you decide, choosing an electronic cigarette or any other vaping device is a better choice than choosing a traditional, tobacco-filled cigarette any day of the week.





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