Take Me Out To The Vape Game

Matt Wallace
Jun. 24, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Baseball Vaping

More individuals are finding vaping as a great way to spend their spare time and socialize with others. These individuals are finding quite a rush in their new hobby, not only as just a way to purchase new technology, but as a way to socialize with new individuals and create even a new identity through a better alternative to traditional cigarettes. There are more individuals out there who’ve really become very used to vaping, but there are still beginners who are trying to get into the game.

When we look at individuals getting in the vape game, you can see it in a few easy steps. It’s like baseball in a way, where you’re at the plate trying to hit the ball either to get on base or out of the park.

First Base: When an individual decides that they want to get into vaping, this is just like getting to first base like in baseball. They’re hanging out with their friends, and they’ve tried vaping a few times. They’re now starting to learn a little bit more about what it takes to really get into vaping. While on first base, individuals don’t really get into vaping a ton yet, but they’re becoming more familiarized with vaping as a whole, and they’re learning more about the industry. This is what will eventually lead them to second base.

Second Base: When individuals have learned enough about vaping, they find that they’re very well versed in the lingo, terms, and technology. This is when they can go out and purchase their first electronic cigarette starter kit. There are many affordable e-cigarettes for individuals who are just getting into their first purchase here at Mig Cigs. While on second base, they’ll soon start to slowly learn more about the different e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and MODS that are out there.

Third Base: While on third base, individuals really learn about all the different options in the vaping world. These individuals will now start to learn all about MODS, where things can really get exciting. There are so many different combinations available for those who’re looking to maximize their vaping experience. Those on third base will start to purchase many of these different devices and really start to expand their vaping horizons. MODS are the next level, so the more knowledge an individual has about them, the better their vaping experience will be.

Home Plate: You’ve now become a vaping guru. You’ve stuck to it and now you know what’s out there. Not only do you have knowledge with the hardware, but the different types of e-liquids out there too, such as knowing how much a certain brand has in PG and VG. Your experience will help others as well if they’re looking to make the switch.

So there you have it. The next time you’re out and about with a friend who does smoke traditional cigarettes, perhaps it might be good to take him out to the vape game.





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