Switching to E Cigs Could Save 6 Million Smokers

Matt Wallace
Feb. 3, 2018
by Matt Wallace

Smoking has killed many people in recent history. Largely due to lung failure, smoking has always been something known to get in the way of people’s quantity of life and quality of life. Researchers in the past have been looking for ways to prevent the number of deaths from smoking from increasing, but no one had come to a really extreme conclusion as to how smokers can improve the way they live without completely cut smoking anything out of their life. Many smokers are afraid to completely quit, as they are afraid of how their body will react, but many smokers don’t see a real problem with how they’re living while smoking cigarettes.

quit smoking can save millions

Recently, vaping has become extremely popular in society and has become one of the number one ways for smokers to quit their cigarettes. Though nicotine patches and gum have been known to be tremendously helpful in the process of quitting for a smoker, many people who are in the process of quitting smoking have been known to miss the feeling of the smoke traveling through their body. Because they miss this sensation, quitting seems nearly impossible. Ever since vaping has been suggested as a method for smokers to quit, doctors, peers, and researchers have all seen an increase in the quantity and quality of life for a former smoker.


In a recent study done by Georgetown University Medical Center, researchers found that 6.6 million deaths can be easily avoided nationally, if smokers decide that switching to e-cigs is the right choice for them. Researchers found that overall, about 86.7 million more years would be lived out by 6.6 million smokers. Many people have stated that there need to be new policies in place of current policies that are quite old to help encourage the substitution of e-cigarettes with regular deadly cigarettes. Through this study, the researchers tried to simulate the absolute worst consequences for smokers to give up cigarettes for vaping, and they also tried to simulate the best outcomes. What they found was incredibly interesting. Through making the switch, researchers discovered that around 1.6 million smokers had the capability to avoid early death even in the worst outcomes predictable. Researchers also discovered that, overall, a total of 6.6 people had the chance to live a longer, healthier life.


What Are the Benefits of Endorsing E-cigarettes?


David Levy, the Co-author, mentioned how important it is to take the improved quality of life into account when people change their smoking habits from smoking a cigarette to vaping, rather than just comparing the quantity of life and how long someone lives. He stated, “In addition (to lives saved), there would be tremendous health benefits including reduced disease disability to smokers, reduced pain and suffering, and reduced exposure to secondhand smoke.” Many other people with experience in the field of health and medicine have all mentioned how significant this research is. John Britton, the director of the UK Center for Tobacco stated, “The benefits are massive and demonstrate the importance of embracing, rather than rejecting, the potential of this new generation of nicotine products.”





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