What is Steeping E-Juice?

Matt Wallace
Mar. 28, 2018
by Matt Wallace

steeping e juice

If you are familiar with the vaping community, there is a very good chance that you have heard the term “steeping e-juice”. There is a whole process to get the delicious e-juice flavors to turn into vapor. One of the most important parts of the process is steeping.


Steeping is the process that allows the flavors to blend together. This process also produces hits that are smoother and not extremely overwhelming when the juice is being turned into vapor for long periods of time. Most of the time, juices go through the steeping process before they are put into bottles. Although this may be the case, many people of the vaping community find enjoyment in going through with the steeping process themselves to enhance flavors as much as they possibly can.


Steeping is like making tea. To make tea, the water has to be heated and the bag is placed in heat to heated water so that the flavor is strong. Much like making tea, the longer you steep the vapor, the stronger the flavor will be. Steeping these juices leads to blends that are darker and thicker, yet they are more flavorful.


What happens to the E-Liquid?


There haven’t been any exact findings that have answered what happens to the e-liquid during this process. Though this is the case, many people who are experienced with this process have discovered that there are a few important details. First of all, when steeping, air touches the juice. When this happens, the process of oxidation starts. With oxidations, certain ingredients are removed from the liquid itself. Oxidation helps the real flavor become more prominent. Steeping helps create a variety of distinction among the flavors that can be mixed within the juice itself. A lot of the juices have flavors that become lost when the other ingredients are mixed in. Through steeping, the original flavor of the juice is more noticeable and can be more enjoyable for those who are inhaling it.


Many Methods of Steeping


The steeping processes can range anywhere from simple to complex. One of the easier methods is putting the juice where it is cool and there is not too much light. Places like closets and extra dresser drawers are really good for this because they are dark, enclosed places. When steeping, removing the label that is wrapped around the outside of the bottle is crucial. The amount of time that you leave it in the enclosed space for depends on what you personally prefer. There is no specific way to determine what your preferences are when it comes to steeping, unless you experiment. Experimenting is definitely the best way to find what works best for you and your needs.


A common technique that a lot of people in the vaping community like to go through with the steeping process by removing the lid to their juice and letting it openly develop for a couple hours. Those who are looking for an intense increase in flavor think that steeping happens best when heat is applied.




Steeping is completely a personal choice. A large number of vapers prefer to get more out of their vaping experience, so they choose to steep. Though this may be the case for some people, a large number of juices can be vaped directly after being purchased, so it is really all based on individual preference.





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