What Is Squonking? Complete Beginner Guide

Matt Wallace
Mar. 15, 2019
by Matt Wallace

Folks that are new to vaping might have heard a strange word uttered at a vape shop or among other vapers. That word is squonking. That’s a funny word! So what is squonking? The short answer is that is the type of vaping what involves using a squonk mod and a bottom-feeding RDA. But that explanation probably doesn’t help much! So we are going to go through all of these terms give you some good, clear definitions. And we will provide a squonking guide for beginners in case you’re interested in trying this type of vaping for yourself. But first, we start with a little history discussion.


Squonking first started ten years ago with some creative, homemade squonk kits. At the time, dripping was also a new phenomena. Dripping is a means of vaping where the user manually drips e-juice onto a homemade coil. The goal is to increase vapor production and also flavor. But dripping requires constantly dripping e-liquid on to the atomizer. With squonking, vapers could enjoy the flavor and vapor of dripping without having to constantly drip the e-juice on the atomizer.


Squonking remained a niche style of vaping for several years because it was limited to vapers that had the technical know how to rig their own squonk devices. That all changed in 2015 with the first manufactured squonk mod. Squonking immediately became a trend in vaping. Then, it faded somewhat as new and improved vape tanks and mods hit the market. But in 2018, squonking made a come back. Now there are dozens and dozens squonk devices on the market.​


What Is Squonking?

What is squonking? Let’s get into the details. Squonking is vaping using specially designed squonk mods and bottom feeding RDAs. Any vape device has an atomizer coil and wick. The atomizer coil wire is what heats up to make e-juice into vapor. The atomizer is in direct contact with the wick. Therefore, the wick must always be saturated with e-juice. If the wick goes dry, then the heat will burn the cotton wick. The user gets a taste of burnt cotton if the wick is burned. Which is kind of gross!

Squonking makes it easy to keep the wick saturated with e-juice. Vaping enthusiasts that want to make their own coils and try squonking should start with learning the lingo. Let’s clear up with these words mean.

Squonk Mods


A squonk mod is a type of Vape mod that contains a battery and a vape juice squeeze bottle within the body of the mod. The squeeze bottle is also called a squonk bottle. When the squonker squeezes the bottle, e-liquid is then pumped up into the atomizer to saturate the coil. And when you let go of the bottle, the vacuum effect of air being drawn back into the bottle also drains any excess e-liquid back into the bottle. No waste and no floods. Basically a good functioning squonk mod should keep your wick perfectly saturated with no flooding or spitting.


While most squonk mods use a pliable e-juice bottle, some use a stainless steel bottle with a pump. As for choosing between a pliable bottle and a pump style, there are a couple of things to consider. While the pump style squonk mods are considered more high end, there is less to go wrong with a plain old squeeze bottle.


Because the body of the mod must contain both a battery and a squonk bottle, the majority of squonk mods operate with a single 18650 battery. The battery life of a squonk mod is limited as a result. Especially when using low resistance coil builds.


NOTE: For users interested in trying squonking, we cannot emphasize enough our recommendation to use only regulated squonk devices. Most squonk mods are mech mods. That is one of the main reasons why Mig Vapor does not sell squonk mods. We feel that mech mods should only be used by vapers with a deep, technical knowledge of batteries, current, and resistance. Mech mods can be very dangerous if not used exactly correctly.

What Is An RDA?

An RDA is a rebuildable drip atomizer. An RDA is made up of a 510 connection, an atomizer deck, housing, and a drip tip. The atomizer deck is where the user installs home made coils. Ideally, the deck will be large enough to make installation easy. Nevertheless, it does take practice and skill to build your own vape coils.


Many vapers like to build low resistance coils to generate the maximum amount of vapor. An RDA allows the user to construct and craft any type of coil configuration they desire. Now coil building is not easy, and it takes practice and precision. The user also needs to be aware of the relationship between current and resistance. Otherwise, it is easy to apply too much power fry coil and end up with a terrible vape. To be a squonker, you have to know what you’re doing.


As mentioned, RDA stands for rebuildable drip atomizer. The middle word of the acronym is drip. Dripping is a type of vaping where the user manually drips vape juice on the atomizer before vaping. Dripping does generate good flavor, but the problem is you have to drip every three to five vapes. So the user is constantly removing the housing manually dropping e-liquid. Or having to pull out the drip tip to access the atomizer. Then repeating the process over and over again.


This is really where squonking comes in. Squonking avoids the mess and essentially automates dripping.


The e-liquid can be squeezed up from the bottle and through the 510 into the atomizer base. The 510 pin is hollow and allows e-juice to pass through. A hollow 510 pin is what makes a normal RDA into a bottom feeding RDA.


Bottom Feeding RDA

When you hear people talk about a 510 connection or 510 pin, that is simply referring to the threaded part that connects an atomizer or tank to a mod. 510 refers to the size of the connection and the thread. If something is 510 threaded you know it’s compatible with all other 510 threaded products. Also, pretty much every vape device uses a 510 connection.


As mentioned, a bottom-feeding RDA is simply a regular RDA with a hollow center pin. A hollow center pin allows e-liquid to be flooded up through the pin into the base of the tank to saturate the wick. Hence the term bottom-feeding.

Guide To Squonking

Before we go any further, prospective squonkers need to know that squonking is a type of vaping where you build and install your own coils. If you want lots of vapor and flavor but don’t want to build your own coils, the there are other options.


Mig Vapor has several sub ohm mod kits that produce huge vapor and rich flavors. You don’t need to squonk to enjoy vaping at its best. But if you want to make your own coils and learn about squonking, then be prepared for a learning curve. It takes some practice to learn to squonk. Especially when it comes to building coils.


To get started squonking, it starts with the right gear. You will need:

  • A squonk mod
  • Squonk bottle (usually with an 8 ml juice capacity)
  • VG vape juice
  • Bottom Feeding RDA with hollow 510 center pin
  • Battery
  • Coil Wire
  • Coil building kit


In our view, a coil building kit is essential. The kit will have cutters, coil jigs, and ceramic tweezers. Ceramic tweezers are essential. Because once a coil is built, the user must test, heat, and adjust the spacing between coils. Ceramic tweezers are heat resistant.

When squonking, it is a good idea to frequently flood the atomizer deck. That way it is easier to avoid burning the wick.

Sqonking involves using sub ohm atomizers. Sub ohm vaping with a squonk mod requires a VG e-juice.

Squonk Mods Vs Vape Mods

A vape mod is a device that is the power source for an atomizer. A squonk mod is designed like a classical box mod. The term box mod is appropriate because indeed it is a box. A box that contains a battery and a squeezable e-liquid bottle, also known as a squonk bottle. Most squonk bottles have a capacity of 6 ml to 10 ml. An 8 ml is the most common capacity of a squonk bottle.

The majority of squonk mods are mechanical mods, also known as mech mods. Mechanical means that there is not electronic technology controlling current. As a result, there is no internal processor regulating current. however, regulated squonk mods are available. Any potential squonker is urged to use a regulated squonk mod.

Vape mods contain a battery, or batteries, and a processor. Batteries may be built in or interchangeable. Most vape mods are regulated mods. By regulated we mean that the current drawn from the battery is precisely controlled by a processor, commonly called a chip. A vape mod offers technical advantages and safety features that most squonk mods do not.

Most squonk mods use a single 18650 battery. Why not a double 18650? Because the squonker body needs to be big enough to accommodate both battery and bottle. The problem is that a regulated mod with an 18650 battery tops out at 75 watts. Some very low resistance coil builds pull a lot more power from a battery. Manufacturers adapted to having only one battery by making squonk mods as mech mods. In our opinion, this is a dangerous proposition. Mechanical mods or not safe to operate unless the user is an expert in batteries, current, and resistance. This is the main con of squonking.

Pros And Cons Of Squonking


  • Most squonk mods are mech mods
  • Operating a mech mod can be dangerous unless the user is expert in current and resistance
  • User must build their own coils
  • Squonking is for serious enthusiasts

Mig Vapor urges anyone who is considering squonking to buy a regulated squonk mod. We also want to point out that devices like the Mig Vapor Morpheus and the WTF are capable of producing huge amounts of vapor from pre-made coils and regulated devices. Vaping technology has advanced a lot. And you can let our Mig Vapor technology do the heavy lifting. Squonking is just for the most knowledgeable enthusiasts.


  • Automates the process for drippers
  • Enjoyable for hard core enthusiasts
  • Good vapor and flavor

The biggest Pro of squonking is that a squonk mod is essentially automated dripping. Squonking removes a hassle of having to remove the housing and constantly remove the drip tip or housing to manually drop vape liquids onto the coil. Squonking is satisfying for the devoted hobbyist with a lot of knowledge.


Best E-Liquid For Squonking


Squonking with sub ohm atomizer coils requires a VG e-liquid. Mig Vapor VG e-liquid leads the pack. It has won many awards and being recognized as the best e-liquid by multiple prominent reviewers. The reason is simple. Mig Vapor e-liquids are made to thew highest standards using only the best ingredients.


Another advantage of Mig e-liquids is the incredible amount of flavor options you have. You can also create your own flavors or select from one of the existing flavors. It’s super easy. The number of flavor combinations is virtually limitless.


Mig Vapor is the best e-liquid for squonking because of the consistency, vapor production, quality, and quite frankly the dazzling flavors. Many other VG e-liquids have limited flavor because they’re low quality manufactured and do not use the best available ingredients. Mig Vapor e-liquids use the best available ingredients perfectly blended.

Get the best e-juice for squonking right here.


Alternatives To Squonking


While squonking is enjoyed by hard core enthusiasts, you do not need to squonk to get superior vapor and flavor. E-cigs and vape mods are a technology. In the pursuit of vapor and flavor, users have the option of letting the technology do all of the work.


The Mig Vapor Morpheus is a powerful yet easy to use sub ohm vape mod kit. With the Morpheus, the user will enjoy maximum flavor and vapor without any fuss. The microprocessor in the Morpheus applies the ideal wattage to the atomizer. Morpheus vape coils are pre made. Simply install a new coil, fill the tank, wait ten minutes and you are good to go. Just hit the fire button and vape.


Learn More About The Morpheus Here.

Squonk mods ten to be bulky. In fact, a squonk mod is not really practical for day to day vaping. Vapers can get incredible vapor and flavor is a small, compact mod. The Mig Vapor WTF mod kit is practical, customizable, and the best quality. Set the wattage to suit your taste. The WTF top fill vape tank is easy to fill and easy to use. Install a pre-made coil, fill the tank, and that’s it.


Check Out The WTF Mod Kit Here.

That’s it for our look at squonking. It is a style of vaping that may not be for everyone. We wanted to give you a realistic view. Check back with the Mig Vapor website often. Learn more about all the different styles of vaping. 





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