Some ‘Mig-citing” Winter Vaping Tips

Matt Wallace
Nov. 22, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Winter is fast approaching, and even though the cold weather enhances the thickness of your vapor, a lot of other vaping factors are affected. Therefore, every vaper has to know how handle this vaping turbulence through the cold weather coming up.

During the winter season, it’s important that you ensure your e-liquid doesn’t freeze. When purchasing e-liquids during this season, go for those with a propylene glycol base because it has a very low freezing point of about -56 degrees centigrade. However, if you still want to keep up those thick clouds of vapor, you can buy vegetable glycerin based e-liquids, but ensure that they’re mixed with other liquids like water to lower its freezing point. Normally, vegetable glycerin will freeze at 13 degrees centigrade but when mixed with water, its freezing point goes as low as -46 degrees centigrade. Also, you may consider mixing the base of your e-liquid to in a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

During the winter weather, holding on to your device, even though it’s metallic, isn’t all bad news. This is because the tank will emit enough heat to warm it. However, the case is different for drip tips. They tend to have insulated bases to prevent them from heating-up, which may be a disadvantage during this cold season. It’s therefore important that you avoid metallic drip tips at all costs during the winter because they cause frozen lips and even stick to the metal, which may be a painful experience. During the winter, go for plastic ones instead.

The cold winter weather may cause you batteries to run faster, and that’s a bad thing. This is because their energy storage capacity is decreased by the cold weather, requiring you to recharge them at a faster rate. However, there’s a way in which you can avoid this problem. Always ensure that your device is stored in a warm place like an internal pocket. Also, go for lithium batteries because of their higher efficiency, even in cold weather.

Vaping in the winter requires you to be extra careful. Avoid vaping in the car while driving as this could cause fogging and may even lead to accidents. Also, avoid sharing one drip tip as you may contact colds or the flu from the other people.

Cold weather is one of the issues that can ruin your vaping experience. The good news though is that you can vape through the winter without any problems if you adhere to these tips. And, luckily for you, applying this tips doesn’t even cost you any extra cash.





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