The Difference Between Smoking and Vaping Weed

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Aug. 19, 2017
by Vaping Guru

Disclaimer: The content on this page was created for informational purposes only. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Marijuana can be habit forming. We do not support or approve the use of cannabis products and none of the MigVapor’s products should be used for these purposes.


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Weed is one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. According to National Institute for Drug Abuse, more than twenty million people in the United States used it in the past month. Just until recently, the only way to take weed was to roll a joint and smoke it. However, the recent boom in vaporizer and e- cigarette industry also had an impact on marijuana users. Now there are two different ways to inhale weed—by smoking and vaping. If you are a regular marijuana user, this article might help you see all good and bad sides of smoking and vaping cannabis.

Pros of Vaping Weed

Although it is still not proven that smoking weed can cause cancer, it does release a substantial amount of toxins such as tar. The reason for that is burning or combustion, one of the main reasons why people switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigs and vaporizers. When you vape weed, you do not burn it. You only heat it up to the certain temperature to produce a vapor that you can inhale. Vapor does not contain some byproducts of combustion, but it still has the active ingredients that provide users with the experience they are looking for.

Another reason why you should start vaping weed instead of smoking it is the smell. Vaporizers do not produce that characteristic smell the joint does. By vaping, you almost completely decrease this unpleasant smoking effect.


If you are worried that somebody will see you smoke a joint, vaping might be the solution to your problem. Vaping is a more discreet way of getting high than smoking.

Some regular marijuana smokers claim that vaping helps then enjoy the taste of the drug more than smoking. On the other hand, others say that marijuana vapor tastes like burned popcorn.

Cons of Vaping Weed

The downside of vaping weed, especially for regular users may be that it can be quite a time-consuming. Apart from smoking a joint, when it comes to vaping, cannabis has to be grounded. Also, you will have to thoroughly clean your vaporizer after every use. Additionally, before vaping, the user has to wait a certain amount of time for the device to heat up.

Another potential con of vaping weed is that the equipment can be quite pricey. However, there are many user claim that they need less weed to get high, so long-term it will pay off.


As already said, there are many differences between smoking and vaping weed. The most important one is that with vaping, you inhale far less toxic substance. Everything else is the matter of personal preference and what are you looking for. If you are looking for a clean way to consume marijuana than go with the vaporizers.





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