Smokers Save Money by Switching to Vaping

Matt Wallace
Jan. 30, 2018
by Matt Wallace

switch from smoking to vaping to save money

Tobacco has been around for thousands of years. Within the last few hundred years smoking it became the primary form of consumption. Cigarettes have grown wildly popular. They have become a staple in our society representing social standing and good character. However, within the last few decades, studies have been released informing the public of the threat to our health and the many downfalls surrounding them. As a way to caution the public against the use of cigarettes, there were many regulations put into place and the cost of cigarettes has been significantly increased. This has led to the development of new ways, such as vaping, for people to get their nicotine fix without the negative costs attached to cigarettes. But, some people have begun to raise the question on whether or not you’d be saving money by switching to e-cigs. In recent studies like this cost analysis, people have found that while the initial investment may seem like a lot, vaping can save you thousands of dollars a year. So, let’s break it down.


On average, a pack of cigarettes will cost $7.26, although that number can be more or less in some states. So, someone who smokes a pack a day for $7.26 a pack would be spending an average of $2,650 a year on cigarettes. Now if we look at vaping, there are several different vaping products available. If someone decided to invest in disposable e-cigarettes, one unit will cost an average of $9.00, but be the equivalent of two to three packs of normal cigarettes. So, on average, someone using disposable e-cigarettes will spend $1,314 which saves them about $1,336 a year.


If someone decided to invest in an e-cigarette that used changeable cartridges they would have an initial cost for a starter kit that usually ranges between $40-$60 but includes cartridges. After the initial investment, however, you would only have to pay for cartridges to change out and if you ever needed a new battery. With those expenses taken into account, someone on average would spend approximately $1000 a year if they were smoking the equivalent of a pack a day. This would save them around $1,650 a year. If someone wanted to invest in something with a refillable tank, they would have the initial cost of a mod to consider as well as the e-juice needed to fill it and the parts that will need occasional replacement. With all these things taken into account, it would cost an average of approximately $500 a year. That would save someone around $2,150 a year.


Now, if those number don’t convince you, then consider the cost of living while smoking cigarettes versus vaping. Cigarettes not only cause a plethora of health problem that can end up costing you thousands of dollars, they can also raise your life insurance rates because of the risk involved. Switching to vaping could not only save you thousands of dollars on the actual products, it could potentially cut your life insurance premium by 50%.





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