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Matt Wallace
Feb. 15, 2015
by Matt Wallace



Stinger Tango Battery: It’s a high-quality lithium battery that has a lot of vaping energy and purity. The battery’s volts are from 3.3 to 4.8. All you got to do in order t turn off the battery is click five times very rapidly and it’ll be off in two seconds. 

Mig Cigs 1300 Xtreme VV Twist Battery: Can be changed with a twist to help decide what input of vape you want to experience. The battery has a meter automatically built in. There are 3 colors: White means fully charged, Blue means 50%, and Red means 5%. The Xtreme VV twist battery should be used only for Mig Aspire SR-72 and Kanger UFO v2 tanks (bottom Dual Coil Tanks) because it makes these certain types of electronic cigarettes function at their best.

PHANTOM X 1600 BATTERY: Has a high output and good amount of lithium. This battery can adapt from 3 to 15 watts. It works well because it makes the puff look fine and big. It’s to really only be used with The SR 72 Tank, The Stinger Tank, and The UFO v2 Tank.

1300 XTREME BATTERY: This battery should be used only with the Aspire SR-72 Tanks and the Mig Kanger UFO-v2 for  quality vaping experience. The 1300 XTREME BATTERY has a high power of 1300 Ah and 4.2 volts.





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