Regulated or Unregulated Mod Types?

Matt Wallace
Dec. 9, 2017
by Matt Wallace

You’ve seen all the new e-cigs and personal vaporizers on the market and you’ve decided you want to buy yourself a mod. You don’t know much about any of the vape terminology and maybe you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for. When you go to make your purchase they’ll probably ask you some questions that, at this point, you may not know the answer to. It is important to educate yourself on some of the things that you might be dealing with so that you know what you want, and you can ensure that is what you’re getting. Even if you are an experienced vaper, you may still have some learning to do on certain topics. One thing that new and old buyers alike should know is the difference between regulated or unregulated mod types. Below we will be discussing some of the key differences between these two devices.


regulated mod types


Regulated mods


These are mods that have an internal circuit board that regulates electrical current, hence the name. In regulated mods, there is wiring that connects the battery to the coils that stops the battery from overheating. Usually in regulated mods there are other tools that are built into the circuits that allow voltage and ohm readings. There are often digital screens where you can control the settings on your mod in order to optimize the hit that you want. These features make vaping with a regulated mod safer than an unregulated mod.

For new vapers, it is recommended to start with regulated mods so that you don’t overload or overheat the batteries as that could have potentially dangerous results. When the batteries overheat there is the possibility for small fires or even a small explosion which can cause serious injury or even fatality. Safety when using mods is the most important thing to consider. Because the voltage is regulated, the battery life for these devices are considerably longer then unregulated mods. The regulators don’t allow pulling at extremely high voltage which helps avoid quick battery life drainage. Not only does the battery life last longer, they are also easier to charge. Most regulated mods have a charging port right on the device. Normally, devices that have the direct charging ports also allow for use during charge, so you don’t miss out on vape time.



Unregulated mods


These are mods that don’t have internal circuitry, instead they have a direct connection from battery to coils. These devices will have a button or cap that, when pushed, allows the flow of electricity. This is a fairly basic method; however, unregulated mods don’t have any safety mechanism built in so there is a higher risk involved with the use of unregulated mods. They also don’t have as many fancy features like digital screens. Since these devices don’t have anything to control the voltage and wattage output, their power is unmatched which allows for bigger clouds.


If you are looking to take vaping to the next level, then unregulated mods may be what you’re looking for. Because the wiring in unregulated mods is a lot simpler, it is much easier to customize them how you like. However, in order to pursue customization, a more in-depth knowledge of electrical wiring and mods is required in order to maintain safety. Besides changing the wiring, another common way to customize your mod is by upgrading the battery to more advanced models. This can up the voltage which could affect many different parts of the mod including the vape clouds you can produce.


In the end choosing what kind of mod you want is up to the experience you’re looking for. If you’re new to vaping and just getting started, you’ll most likely want a regulated mod in order to learn the ins and outs of vaping. For more experienced vapers who are just looking to enjoy the clouds and relax, they might also be looking for regulated mods. For people who are looking to up the vape game and achieve master status in cloud chasing, unregulated mods are most likely the way to go. With both mods there are different products within different price ranges that you’ll have to choose from. Some of the high end regulated mods may simulate the clouds that you would get from unregulated mods if you are willing to put in the money for it. Within the price ranges the different features will vary. You just need to know what you’re looking for and you’ll find that there will be something for everyone.





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