Vaping 101: Filling & Refilling E-liquid In Your Vape Tank

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Nov. 24, 2016
by Vaping Guru

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Puffs of vapor rise from long, slim sticks and fill the air. It’s what any vaping enthusiast wants to see when they’re using an e-cig. They love to create massive clouds that come billowing from these devices. Several factors determine the amount of vapor that these devices produce, but first, you need to learn how to properly fill and refill the e-liquid into the tank.

Let’s talk about the easiest steps to refill different types of vape tanks before we talk about little tips and tricks to get more vapor from your vape:Steps to refill different vape tanks

How to Fill Cartomizers

These are the most common types of vaporizer tanks and may come either prefilled or as blank cartomizers. Here’s how you can refill a cartomizer:

  1. Use a thumbtack to remove the white disc cover the cartomizer by sticking the tack into the tiny hole and pushing it aside.
  2. Hold it at anywhere between 40 and 60-degree angle, and squeeze a few drops inside the wall of the cartomizer, while slowly rotating it for an even refill.
  3. Make sure you don’t go over the mark that shows the full capacity of the cartomizer or the liquid will seep out.
  4. Replace the disc back in its initial position.
  5. Let the cartomizer sit on an even surface for about 10-15 minutes.
  6. Attach the cartomizer to the e-cig battery and enjoy your vape.

How to Fill Vape Mod Tanks

  1. Pull up the cartomizer from the bottom of the vape tank until you can see a small gap between the top of the tank and transparent side of the tank.
  2. Tilt the tank at about 45-degrees and fill the cartomizer until it’s nearly full.
  3. Pour some e-liquid into the tank surrounding the cartomizer.
  4. Push the cartomizer back into its place.
  5. Place the drip tip and enjoy your vape.

How to fill eGo Mega Cartomizers

  1. Take out the black tip, exposing the white polyfill material on the eGo Mega Cartomizer
  2. Tilt it between 40 and 50 degrees
  3. Pour e-juice directly into the filling on the inside of the wall
  4. Continue rotating for an even fill
  5. Once the white filling absorbs the e-liquid, repeat step 3 and 4
  6. Replace the black tip and let the cartomizer sit on a flat surface for 5-10 minutes
  7. Enjoy your vape!

Getting the Most Out of Your Filling

While refilling is easy, there are some tricks is to get more vapor out of your e-cigarettes that are easy if you know a few basic things:

Power Up

One of the factors to getting more vapor from an e-cig is to get a device that provides more power. The fewer ohms that a device has, the more amperage it’s going to create. And high amperage is what helps to create those billows of vapors. Getting the right clearomizer is the way to get the best vapor from any vaping device.

Every e-cig has made up of three parts: the battery, the tank, and the atomizer. The battery provides the power, the tank contains the fluid, and the atomizer has the coil that heats the liquid. A clearomizer is an atomizer, cartridge, and wick all in one piece. These come in a glass or transparent plastic tank so the user can see just how much fluid is left in the tank.

Many vaping enthusiasts prefer this setup over an atomizer or cartomizers because the wick provides the perfect amount of fluid every time. To get big clouds of vapor, a sub ohm clearomizer is an excellent choice. The right amperage to stay between is 0.2 and .05 ohms. These devices will provide more amps to the clearomizer. With more power to the coil, it’ll get hotter and allow the pen to produce more vapor.

The Mechanics

Another factor is the type of coil that the device uses. There are several types of clearomizer and cartomizer on the market. The most recent types include a design that places the power coil at the bottom of the device. With the coils that heat the liquid at the bottom, the liquid is more easily fed to the wick. The liquid in the tank will flow downward with gravity and lead to more vapor than other devices.

Of the bottom coil devices, users can choose between bottom vertical coil (BVC) or bottom dual coil (BDC) clearomizers. The BVC coils allow more airflow through the device, which provides more vapor than other devices. The BDC clearomizers have an atomizer that contains two coils. These coils produce much more heat than the BVC clearomizers. Users looking for massive clouds will want to purchase a BDC clearomizer with dual coils.

The Juice

There are two types of liquid made for these devices: propylene glycol (PG) based fluid uses the chemical as the base for the mixture. It is a high-quality propylene glycol that is also used in cosmetics, foods, and medications. The other fluid is vegetable glycerin (VG). It is also a safe food product used in foods and medications. The base for this fluid is vegetable oil.

While both of these fluids produce a good amount of vapor, vegetable glycerin is the best for making thick vapor. Propylene glycol mixtures tend to be thinner than other liquids, and the thicker the fluid, the more vapor the pen will create. So, the best way to get a ton of vapor from any e-cig is to use the fluid that is made from vegetable glycerin. Get a mixture that is 80/20, to ensure that the liquid is thick enough to make the clouds users are seeking.

Got to Get Air

The final factor in getting big vapor from the device is to get plenty of air running through the coil. More air flow through the instrument allows the coils to heat up to higher temperatures. This means that a clearomizer that provides the most air flow will produce more vapor than those that do not. Some of these pens have an adjustment that allows the user to change the air flow. These produce more intense clouds than other devices on the market.

Getting more intense vapor is not about making just one simple adjustment with your e-cig. It requires a range of adjustments to get the massive clouds seen from some devices. The key is to find a clearomizer that contains dual coils for the most power. Then make sure the fluid chosen is made from a vegetable glycerin base. And finally, get a device that puts out lower ohms, so that the user will get the highest amperage possible.

Prime the Device

When using devices that have a coil, the first couple hits can give the user a burnt taste. It means the coil did not get primed; it’s caused by dry wick burning, normally. The best way to use a new coil is to prime it first. Simply fill the tank and swirl the liquid around then let it sit in the liquid for at least one minute. It will allow the wick to absorb the liquid completely. After a minute, it will be primed and ready to produce huge plumes of vapors.

By making some small tweaks, the user can get plenty of vapors from the e-cig. They will be able to get the big clouds that they want.





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