Keep the Environment Safe: Great Tips to Recycle Old Vaping Gear

Vaping Guru
Sep. 20, 2016
by Vaping Guru

No question vaping is a better, healthier, and more environmentally friendly alternative to smoking. Imagine the millions of cigarette butts it keeps off the ground and the reduced amount of pollution. Even with the benefits and cleaner nature vaping offers, you can’t help but think of other ways to improve your experience while taking care of the environment. The new additions made to vaping enrich user experience and increase efficiency.

Recycling Your Vaping Gear

But what happens to your old vaping tools or the dried up juice bottles after you upgrade? Can you put them to better use or is it straight to the garbage? Here are some great ideas that could help.

Batteries and Mods

Batteries contain lithium, which can cause havoc to the environment. If batteries aren’t broken, you can resell them on sites like Reddit. Alternatively, it might be an excellent idea to give it to a vaping newbie to kick start their vaping journey. They could save bucks on the batteries. The same case applies to functional Mods. For the Mod, you can keep it around as a backup. If you choose this path, you need to know that the Mod has to be recharged every few months. Otherwise, if you let its charge drain, it might not be able to take a recharge in the future rendering it useless.

What if the Batteries and the Mods Are Broken?

It’s not the end of your recycling journey. There are other ways that you can still make them useful.

The best and perhaps the only way is to look for a store that recycles batteries and static mods in your locality. They might not recycle all of them. But if they have to dispose of them, they have the equipment to make sure it is done correctly and safely.

Or, you can find a drop off point to dispose of. There are also some environmentally responsible organizations that will help take care of your junk the right way, like call2recycle.

Juice Bottles

These are the main culprits in vaping. You can go through a lot of those in a month. You could also find yourself with one that you just don’t like. Before you decide to recycle these bottles, you should first rinse them under running water. After rinsing them, you can choose from any one of these three methods to recycle.

Reusing the bottles can be a perfect idea. Everyone loves vaping on the go. You just don’t like carrying the big bottles with you. The smaller ones can be an excellent substitute. It is more economical for you, safer for the environment, and more portable on the road.

If you’d prefer to get rid of some of your e-juice bottles, there are some online services which can be helpful. You need to make sure that the recycling service you use accepts the type of material that the bottles are made of. Also, if the bottle contains an e-juice that you didn’t like, why not try to find someone that would appreciate it better?

Lastly, you can try vape gear-hoarding. It doesn’t come highly recommended, but it can prove to be helpful especially for reviewers. There are tons of new vaping tools and materials being released and keeping the old ones for reference can come in handy. You just need to store them right.


If it’s not broken, again shelf it and make some money off it. If it happens to be broken, there’s not much that can be done with it. Before disposing of it, ensure that you can clean it properly. You might want to save the drip tip for a rainy day.


One of the things that you will buy most frequently as a vaper and are the easiest to recycle. Coils are made of metal. They can be recycled to the same metal of the same quality. Just be sure to sort the coils according to the metallic material they’re made from. Metal can be recycled infinitely so make sure that your burned up coils are put to better use.

As a footnote, if you’re a lover of pets and vaping, especially cats and dogs, you might want to be more careful about how you handle your e-juice. Nicotine is toxic to cats and they can easily suffer from nicotine poisoning from just a few licks. The PG also contained in e-juice may cause Heinz Bodies in cats.

For dogs, increased heart rate, vomiting, seizures, and tremors are among the symptoms associated with nicotine poisoning. The younger or smaller the dog, the more susceptible it is. Just take extra precaution in how you store your e-juice.

With these safety and recycling tips, not only do you make vaping a more profound experience, but you optimize on its benefits and make it safer for the environment and in the long term, for you.





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