Reasons Why Vaping Has a Bad Rap

Matt Wallace
Jul. 11, 2018
by Matt Wallace

vaping has a bad rap

Although vaporizers were created as a solution to the unhealthy habit of smoking, still many members of society view it as just as bad as, if not worse than, smoking. Why is this? Vapers try to make a healthier switch, only to be mocked, judged, and frowned upon by the majority of the public. There are a few reasons for why vaping has a bad rap, which we will unpack further below.


People Just Don’t Know the Facts


If something looks like smoking, it probably is smoking right? Actually, not always. As we know with vaping, the devices don’t burn the product, but rather heat it just enough to produce vapor. This vapor doesn’t include the harmful and carcinogenic compounds commonly found in cigarette smoke. Yet, it looks similar, so people assume the worst.


With all of the negative campaigns against smoking in recent times, rightly justified, the similarities are too close for people to look up the differences. After all, there is still the presence of nicotine and smoke-like clouds coming from people’s mouths. But that’s about where the similarities end. Unfortunately, the negative propaganda against smoking has already been ingrained before one ever encounters a vaporizer.


Bad Press and Unreliable Studies


When vaporizers were first becoming popular, the public, understandably, was concerned. They already knew smoking was bad, so how was vaporizing any different? A few bad studies later, and people had their minds made up. No matter how many better studies came along afterward, all they knew was that vaping was bad.


What made matters worse was that stories of battery explosions, formaldehyde, and anti-freeze furthered people’s negative impressions of vaporizers. Just so we’re clear, the levels of formaldehyde in vapor were discovered after extremely high coil temps. Temperatures that no sane person would ever vape at. Battery explosions are largely due to user error and incompatibility with coil resistance. The products aren’t inherently dangerous, but there’s always that person who forgets to do the math before building their own MOD. Lastly, I don’t think we need to exhaust the anti-freeze argument any further, but no, antifreeze is not an ingredient in vape juice. Like, not even close.


Taxes and Regulations


The next culprit affecting people’s negative impressions of vaporizers is the government itself. You think they would be on the side of better health, but they are more on the side of getting their money’s worth out of taxes. Since there are fewer smokers now than there were 10 years ago, they’ve got to make up that tax somehow. The easiest solution was to start taxing vaping products the same as cigarettes. Treating vaping the same as smoking by people in authority has only furthered the confusion between the two.



Lastly, assumptions have gotten the better of some, and are never researched for verifiability. Smoking has always been a concern as it relates to minors, so the general public wondered how vaping would translate to this population. After all, the various vape juice flavors obviously appeal to youngsters, right? In reality, the message and goal of vape companies was to wean people off smoking entirely, not create addictions in a new population. Sales of vape products aren’t allowed to minors, some states making the age limit as high as 21.  While there are always some teens who will try anything for the experience or impress their friends, the majority of teens aren’t procuring vaporizers in droves, or even using juice with nicotine.





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