Quick Places Where We Can Vape Now

Matt Wallace
Aug. 19, 2014
by Matt Wallace


Electronic cigarettes have changed the name of the game when it comes to getting your nicotine fix. Without the traditional smell of standard cigarettes, one would assume that you can vape anywhere. But is that really the case?

Below are a list of places where you can “light up,” and enjoy your e-cig.


As of 2019, a series of vaping and smoking laws across the country have changed where you can vape. Now, most areas where smoking is banned no apply to vaping. There are exceptions. In some states bars and restaurants are allowed to make their own determination. The best policy is to ask.

You can travel with e-cigs on a plane as long as you have it in carry on baggage. No vape devices or batteries are allowed in carry on baggage. And there is no vaping on airplanes.

Public parks and open spaces are subject to local bylaws. Look for signs to determine if you can vape. In general, vaping in public spaces is much more regulated than it was just a few years ago.

While restaurants have a ban against traditional smoking indoors, you are technically allowed to vape there so long as the owner or manager on duty does not have a problem with it. If asked what it is you are doing, be sure to tell the waiter or waitress the truth. Most of the time, they will have no problem with it. It will not bother other diners, either, if you blow your cloud of vapor at the table or to the side of you and down. The cloud dissipates, and leaves no smell, so other people will have nothing to complain about!

Vaping In Bars

Smoking in bars used to be the norm. Nothing goes better with a stiff drink than a nicotine fix, and nothing makes you want to smoke more. If you vape, now you’re allowed to relive the glory days of smoking while you enjoy your drink. Again, as with the previous entries on this list, make sure you do not bother others. That does not mean you have to be discrete, but make sure you are now blowing your vapor cloud at other people. They’re there to have a good time as well. Your bartender will not have a problem with you using your e-cigarette if you play by the rules.

The Beach
Sometimes one of the most relaxing things to do can be lighting a cigarette on the beach, listening to the waves crash around you. Nowadays, that is not allowed, and if a beach patrol spots you they will make you put it out. Other beach goers will also likely not tolerate your second hand smoke. With an e-cig, that concern goes out the window. People may look at you funny at first if the beach is crowded, but right away they will realize you are not smoking a standard cigarette. The beach is one of the best places to vape.

Even if you smoke traditional cigarettes, sometimes when you go outside you see the infamous “NO SMOKING” sign. With e-cigarettes, you can ignore those since you are not technically smoking. It depends on the establishment, and you may be asked to move by staff, but you are technically allowed to smoke there. Ignore those signs and get your vape on!





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