Pre-Build Coils or Standard Coils: Which’s Better?

Matt Wallace
Nov. 19, 2015
by Matt Wallace


How many times have we heard, “You get what you pay for”? Well, in the world of vaping, this couldn’t be truer.

When you start talking about the higher end vaping devices, you’ve your drippers and tanks, both of which use coils that heat up and turn your e-liquid into vapor. The 2 types of coils that do this are pre-build coils and standard coils.

Pre-build coils come in countless different shapes and are either already inside the atomizer or can be placed on the cotton or wick of your more advanced vaping unit that you manually drip your e-juice from. Different pre-builds have unique effects. Maybe you’re looking for a coil that produces a lot of vapor, or maybe the opposite. It’s really up to the person and what they like. Regardless, these coils need to be changed often when the atomizer burns out. Sometimes as much as once a week.

Now, when we start talking about standard coils, and who uses them, things get a little more interesting. These coils have a wick or cotton around them that you actually drip your e-liquid onto. Since you’re ‘dripping’ quite often, it seems as though you get a fresher taste then the tank vapes. The standard coil on a dripper has two separated coiled up pieces of wire. You can purchase a standard coil already made or make your own coil. That’s where the biggest difference is. I’ve found that people that make their own coils are very proud of the coils they make. Like I said, these coils are used on the vapes you have to constantly drip your e-juice on. They’re generally more expensive units than the tank fill ones, and seem to offer a fresher hit off your device.

When it comes down to it though, it’s really about what you prefer and how into vaping you really are. Do you want to get creative and build your own coils, or just order the atomizer that you like. It’s up to you. There’s really no right or wrong answer.





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