Powerful New Mig Cigs Ego Battery With An Adjustable Vapor Voltage – Select Your Power!

Matt Wallace
Jun. 27, 2014
by Matt Wallace


Mig Cigs proudly brings you our most powerful MTL vape battery ever….just for Aspire SR-72 Tank users only. It’s called the Mig Cigs 1300 Xtreme Battery and it can output to a powerhouse high 4.8 volts or with just a twist you can adjust the voltage to a lower 3.8. You decide what voltage is best for you or whichever mood you are in.  You’ve never seen anything like it on the market! We strive to bring you the highest quality vaping products in the industry today – our customers demand it.

Mig Cigs 1300 Xtreme Battery Features

This high powerful 1300 MAh Ego battery is for use with theAspire SR-72 bottom Dual Coil Tanks Only. What’s so great about this new powerful battery? The voltage can be changed from 3.8 volts to 4.8volts…with just a twist. This gives you the power to decide your vape output. You get the Xtreme power when and where you want it. The twist battery comes in 3 great colors to choose from – Black, Stainless Steel and Laser Rainbow.

Built In Power Meter

As always – This battery includes Mig Cigs High Output Voltage technology! This means that your vaping doesn’t weaken as you progress through the battery. Mig’s 1300 Xtreme Twist Battery also has a built in power meter. The button is white when fully charged, Blue at 50% and Red when the battery has only 20% power. No more guessing when it’s close to needing a charge – you’ll know in plenty of time.

You Can Use It With Other Brand Ego Tanks

This Battery is a standard 510 or ego thread type connection. This means that you can use this battery with other brand ego tanks. Hey, we’re vapers too and we just want to make our customers happy – not feel locked in. We’re very proud of our Xtreme Twist Battery and we feel certain that you’ll like it too.

Mig Cigs Superior Quality

As always, Mig Cigs strives to bring you the highest quality components in the industry. We too strive for the ultimate vaping experience and it shows in our full product lines of vaping products and accessories. Mig Cigs Batteries will give you high power from the first puff to the last – this means that the flavor never fades as you progress through the cartridge! Even our Standard EGO battery is almost double the power of the competition!

We’d like to add that this battery is best for advanced users and not someone just starting out with vapor cigarettes. Please do not use with Clear Fusion tanks or other Mig Cigs products – they have their own awesome batteries.









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