What Is E-Liquid?

The liquid used in electronic cigarette cartridges is referred to as e-liquid. It commonly has three major components:  An agent to produce the vapor, nicotine and flavorings to add flavor. All of the components except the nicotine would be considered safe for use in food products. However, ...
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Aug. 30, 2013
by Matt Wallace

Which E-Cigarette Kit Is Right For You?

E-Cigarette Kit Buying Guide Are you ready to experience a new sensation and leave your tobacco ashes behind? When you are making the decision to seek an alternative to tobacco the number one choice for most people is an electronic cigarette. With so many kit choices, nicotine strengths and ...
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Aug. 29, 2013
by Matt Wallace

MIG 21 Clearomizer Tank E-Cigarette Kit

Just arrived! The Mig 21 Clear Tank Cigarette Kit. If you are ready to experience an enhanced electronic cigarette and see if this type of e-cig vaping model is right for you, we have the perfect kit for you. This clearomizer cigarette kit is best for advanced vapors. For those who are new to ...
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Aug. 28, 2013
by Matt Wallace

Top Ten Reasons To Switch To E-Cigarettes

Why Switch to E-Cigarettes? You can't deny the momentum of electronic cigarettes and how they are sweeping the globe. The hot and trendy e-cigarette really does have a lot to say and it's not just blowing smoke. They really are designed specifically to help folks switch from smoking to a tobacco ...
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Aug. 28, 2013
by Matt Wallace

How To Choose An Electronic Cigarette

What is the best electronic cigarette on the market? You’ve no doubt heard about them and now you’re ready to try them. Are you wondering what the best electronic cigarette on the market is for a beginner? Mig Cigs of course! Our premium electronic cigarettes are more satisfying to our customers ...
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Aug. 26, 2013
by Matt Wallace




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