Nicotine Salts – What are They?

Matt Wallace
Apr. 24, 2018
by Matt Wallace

what are nicotine salts


As the vaping subculture continues to grow more popular, companies are trying to create new trends and products for the market so that vapers can get the best possible experience. New products are being released all the time and more and more people are beginning to use them. One of these big trends that is currently on the rise is the use of nicotine salts, nicknamed nic salts. A lot of questions are being raised about this new trend, however. With this article, hopefully some of those questions will be answered.


What are they?


The first question that people usually ask is what exactly are they? The simplest way to explain nicotine salts is normal freebase nicotine that has an added acid that makes nicotine that the body can absorb easier at lower temperatures. It is the reaction between the nicotine base and the acid that forms the salt which is used.


How is it different then Free Base Nicotine?


Free Base nicotine is what is in traditional cigarettes and the nicotine is the smoke as well as in the particle form. The free base form is the most easily absorbed by the body, which is why the effect is quicker and stronger. It is also lipid soluble, so it can cross the membrane into the brain easier. This releases the dopamine, which gives you the feeling of pleasure. That is why it is more addictive.

Why would you use them?


Some of the benefits that people have discovered with these salts is that, although in its pure form it is not as absorbable by the body, when it is heated or vaporized the nicotine becomes a free base, which is what the body absorbs the easiest. With nic salts, not only does the nicotine effect the body more, it also supposedly hits smoother, so inhalation is easier. This is a pro for people who are trying to quit, especially because they are able to take in the nicotine their body is craving in less hits. This can make it more cost effective. Another benefit of the nicotine salts is that you can get a higher nicotine concentration at a lower temperature. There are different combinations of acid and free base nicotine, but some combinations allow for greater satisfaction at a lower heat, which make it a lot easier to vaporize the salts for inhalation.


What else you should know


One important thing to remember about nic salts is that the kind of acid used to make it really does affect the quality of the experience. The different acids can affect things like the temperature it can be vaporized at, how smooth the hit is, and even the flavor of the vapor. The use of nic salts in eLiquids is raising satisfaction with vape products, especially for those who are trying to use vaping to quit smoking. The higher quality hits and the increased nicotine concentration allows the person using it to reach satisfaction quicker. Because less vaping is necessary, users are able to save money on replacement juice, batteries, and other parts needed. The salts may be slightly more expensive because of the quality of the product, but in the end, using it can save you money.


Some aspects to be aware of with this trend are the untested aspects. Because it is so new the long-term effects are unknown, the use of different acids could potentially affect the body in unknown ways. Also, because the nicotine content is so high, if you are trying to stop using nicotine, this is probably not the best product to use. If you have sub-ohm devices or high wattage devices, the salts are probably not going to be as effective because of the low temp advantages that the salts have.


Overall, there are many benefits to using new products like nic salts when vaping. People who are trying to quit smoking may have a product that fills their nicotine needs. There are several potential cost benefits. If you’re looking for a new vaping experience, maybe this is the next one to try. The smooth hit and high nicotine content make the experience unlike any other vaping product, but each vaper has to find what fits their style the best.





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