Moving Up: Ditching Disposable E-Cigs for Vaporizers

Matt Wallace
Aug. 22, 2015
by Matt Wallace


For people interested in vaping, disposable e-cigarettes and e-hookahs are attractive ways to try out the form. They are simple to use, require zero maintenance, and are available in a wide variety of locations, making them easy to acquire. It’s a low risk way to try out vaping. Once someone has determined that they do like vaping, and would like to get a little more serious about it, is it really worth it to buy a reusable vaporizer? Why wouldn’t one just continue to use disposable e-cigs?

Disposable e-cigs are great for a lot of reasons, but they also have some serious flaws. A key consideration is cost. Disposable e-cigs are far more expensive, in the long run, than a reusable system is. While the upfront cost of a reusable vaporizer is more than any disposable option, the upkeep cost is greatly reduced. Vapers need only to keep a supply of e-liquid bottles on hand, along with a spare coil. Depending on individual vaping habits, the monthly costs of the reusable option can be greatly reduced.

Another benefit to reusable vaporizers are their customizability. With a reusable vaporizer, you can change out parts to build a vaporizer that caters to your direct vaping needs. Do you need more airflow? You can buy a tank or drip mod with adjustable air intakes. Want to generate more vapor when you vape? Use e-liquid with a higher VG/PG content. These customization options are a big reason vaping has grown so much in popularity recently.

With so many options, what’s the best option for a beginner? A pre built, off the shelf vaporizer can be a great option. These vaporizers generally have everything someone would need to get started, and all the parts are designed to work together right off the bat. This takes some of the complexity out of the experience, and thanks to the customizability inherent in vaporizers, adding to and changing a setup is usually pretty easy, meaning a vaporizer can grow and change with it’s user.





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