Moving to the Music When You Vape

Matt Wallace
Sep. 2, 2015
by Matt Wallace

dancing and vaping

It’s a fact that many people enjoy vaping in various locations. Different places can help enhance the experience of vaping. However, many people do not realize the impact of music on vaping as well. Just like changes in location, music can have an effect on the experience. Whether in a crowd or on your own, vaping can be an enjoyable experience, and with the right kind of music to suit your mood and location, vaping can become even more enjoyable. Luckily, just like there are many flavors of vapor, there are also many different flavors of music to choose from to help elevate and enhance the moment.

Many people have different preferences when it comes to what kind of flavor of vapor they like. The same applies to music. Many people like loud and fast music, while others prefer something more chill. For those that partake in other smokeable products, there may be a genre of music that is already associated with that community. Many people like to form communities around the types of music they like. For those who enjoy something loud, Alt. Rock, Classic Rock and Metal may be more up your alley.

However, for those who enjoy something more soothing and relaxing, there are many other genres to explore and take in. Reggae is a genre that is very popular for people who are into other types of smoking. Chillout, Downtempo, Jazz, Trip-Hop, R&B and Ambient music are all great for relaxing and lounging around while taking in some delicious vapor. House, Techno, Dubstep and Drum & Bass are all genres that turn the tempo up and people who like some fast grooves will appreciate these genres while they vape. For those that like a more street and urban flavor, Rap and Hip-Hop are great choices.

Choosing the right music when you vape comes purely down to where your tastes are. Just like vapor, music comes in many different types and it can be used to enhance a feeling or location. When all of these elements combine together, you can be sure that you’ll have an excellent vape session.





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