Mouth to Lung Vape, What is it?

Matt Wallace
Dec. 28, 2017
by Matt Wallace

A lot of people who start vaping spend time on websites and blogs to get the most information as possible to ensure that they are well informed about everything related to vaping. Those who spend a lot of time on vaping websites are probably familiar with mouth to lung vape. So, what is mouth to lung vape? Is there a difference? Is there a technique, and if so, is there a right way to do it? Most previous smokers inhale vapor the same way that they did smoke, and they already have the mouth to lung technique down. Mouth to lung vaping is inhaling the vapor, holding it in and breathing it into your lungs.

mouth to lung vaping


What is the difference?


It’s not hard to tell that there are many different vaping styles. Many people who use e-cigarettes vape in the same way that they previously smoked. There is a ton of equipment that can help form the same feeling of smoke that ex-smokers love, but a lot of people aren’t satisfied with that and want clouds that are bigger and better. That’s where people start to use direct to lung vaping. With the help of atomizers that are high in power and have a more open airflow for directly inhaling to the lungs, the amount of vapor that leaves the coil is much more intense than before. Most people aren’t exactly interested in creating huge clouds, though, and are extremely comfortable with just creating a smoke that can resemble that of a cigarette. Direct to lung vaping has many disadvantages, so many people stick to mouth to lung vaping.


Catching Flavors


The large selection of flavors has become one of the best and most popular parts of vaping. With direct lung vaping, it becomes hard to appreciate the flavors because they just go right over your tongue. The people who want to create massive clouds like to make their own flavors, which brings the flavor concentration up to an extreme level. This makes the price of mixing flavors really high, because the flavors have a tendency to be the more expensive ingredient. The flavors are safe, but there are safer options such as VG or PG. The typical vaper has nothing to worry about, but people who are vaping concentrations that are over 20% put themselves in a position where they are at unnecessary and avoidable risk. With mouth to lung, you are given the chance to taste all of the flavor without experiencing the concentration of the flavor. Less liquid will also be used, which means that you can save money on juice. This can be a more practical way to save your money compared to smoking.



What You Need


With mouth to lung vaping, you don’t need any special tools, and any mod will give you the result that you are looking for. The hardest part is finding an atomizer that is considered to be suitable for what you want to do. A large number of the top tanks now are built for direct lung inhaling, as they are built with a larger airflow and with many coils. Airflow is not as critical if the tank has an airflow that is adjustable. It’s also important that you choose the right liquid. To get a better hit, use something with a higher nicotine. Perfect flavors are juices that have a 4 to 7% concentration. Juices with higher concentrations can be very overpowering with any hit. Mouth to lung is extremely easy to nail, and there really is not a special technique to it. There’s not a wrong way to vape, so give the mouth to lung technique a try!





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