Mig Cigs SR 72 Aspire 1300 – Ego Style Battery E Cig

Jun. 5, 2014
by Matt Wallace

If you are looking for an awesome ego style battery with a powerful huge vapor hit then help us welcome the latest addition to the powerful Mig Cigs family, the SR 72 Aspire 1300 ego electronic cigarette. This is our newest and finest collaboration of Aspire and Mig Cigs in a 510 threaded non-proprietary bottom dual coil tank system with a 1300 Mah “Xtreme Battery” pumping 4.2 volts staying true to the Mig Cigs power for serious vapers.

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The Best Ego Electronic Cigarette by Mig Cigs


SR 72 Aspire 1300-Bottom Dual Coil Kit

What makes the SR 72 Aspire 1300 Bottom Dual Coil Kit so unique and powerful? Well, for many reasons and here’s why. Mig Cigs always brings you the highest quality components in the industy and our1300 Mah Xtreme battery is one powerhouse to give you the highest vaping pleasure. This battery has a power consumption meter built into the battery; it saves your battery power when not in use and also lets you know when battery power is getting low because with Mig Cigs our batteries don’t weaken as you vape. We stay true to giving you a full 4.2 volts all the way to the end of your battery before you need to recharge.

Incredible Design and Styling

The Aspire clear tank system on this incredible ego ecig holds an unbelievable 3 ml of your favorite e-liquid. That’s one of the largest tank sizes in the industry while remaining it’s incredible good looks and styling. You’ve never experienced such vaping pleasure before!

Serious vapers know that high vapor output is what it’s all about. This is exactly the experience you get from the featured bottom dual Aspire coils. The benefit is that it just plain kicks.  You can replace these coils too when needed.

You’ll feel good about the styling of this new kit. It has the power of a full size mod, but it looks great and it’s not big and bulky or even as expensive.  Think of this as an advantage in design that gives incredible hits with a moderate price.

Non-Proprietary 510 Threaded Battery

At Mig Cigs we design our products with our customer’s highest pleasure in mind.  What we know is that our customers have their favorites and preferences, so we developed these powerful kit batteries with a non-proprietary 510 threaded battery, so you can change out your tanks with other brands. We love our customers!

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