Mig Cigs Has Automatic Batteries

Matt Wallace
Jun. 10, 2014
by Matt Wallace

For those of you who prefer an automatic ecig battery over a manual button style, here it is! We know that some customers just prefer an automatic style and we’ve created our first automatic battery with a shorter style with 280 mah and a powerful 4.2 volts the same as our other smart style batteries. It’s shorter than our other styles, but if you want an ecig that looks similar to a standard cigarette then this is for you.

This automatic battery is 110 mm and may stay charged for up to 2 days even with heavy vaping. It’s small but really powerful as it is 4.2 Volts 280 mah Power!  All Mig Cigs Batteries and cartridges are V2 compatible. Over a year in design, Mig’s smart batteries are simply the best… Period. This is the best looking and longest lasting pen style automatic battery ever – almost double the power of the competition!

Update: Please note that Mig Cigs batteries are compatible with V2. Plus, Mig Cig kits are similar to Green Smoke, Mark 10, and others.

Automatic Vs Manual E-cig Batteries

  • Automatic e-cig batteries automatically activate when the user takes a puff.
  • Manual batteries activate when the user presses a button on the battery.

All Mig Cigs E cig batteries have an IC controller board inside. That means your power is regulated for full power from the first hit to the last. No more power weakening when you use your Mig Cigs vapor cigarettes. Mig Cigs Batteries will give you high power from the first puff to the last – this means that the flavor never fades as you progress through the cartridge!

These batteries come with Mig Cigs translucent blue light that will blink when it’s nearing recharge time. Just use your Mig Cigs wall or USB charger to recharge the battery when needed. Chargers are sold separately, but are included in all our kits. All Mig Cigs cigalike batteries and cartridges are V2 compatible, so give us a try without any risk.





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