MIG CIGS EGO 900 Aspire ET | Electronic Cigarette Kit

Oct. 2, 2013
by Matt Wallace

Aspire BDC ClearomizersIf you are looking to upgrade your vaping experience this ego kit is perfect for you. Just what is the MIG Ego 900 Aspire ET? First of all this Aspire 2.4 ml tank was designed specifically for Mig Cigs by Eigate. For those of you who are not familiar with Eigate products you are in for a pleasant surprise. Eigate is one of the most highly rated ego tank manufacturers and we are proud to offer these fine tanks to our customers.

MIG Ego 900 Aspire Ego Tank

This kit is geared for advanced users. If you are new to vaping, may we direct you to one of our other e-cig starter kits until you are acclimated to the new lifestyle of  vaping. Once you are ready to upgrade your vapor cigarette experience we invite you back to try the Ego 900 Aspire or our MIG 21 Clear Tank Cigarette Kit.

What makes the Mig Ego 900 Aspire BDC Clearomizer so different?

Mig and Eigate have designed the best ego type kit available on the market. This is a dual bottom coil tank. This 2.4 ml tank is in one word “awesome”. The vapor produced from this device is nothing less than stunning, giving you the very finest and fullest vaping experience.

What does the bottom dual coil actually mean for you? It means that this is not a wick type saturation device, but instead has two coils at the bottom that works more like a siphon. This can produce a very strong vapor for those looking to upgrade their vaping experience.

These clearomizers are ready to be filled with your favorite e-liquids and juices. Be sure and check out our full line of e-liquids.

Aspire BDC ClearomizerMIG CIGS EGO 900 Aspire ET Kit

This kit includes:

1- Mig Cigs Case ( Your Color option- Black, White or Pink.)
1- Wall Charger
1- USB Charger
1- Mig Aspire 2.4 ML Tank
1-900 mah Battery  in Your choice of color ( Black or Rainbow metal)

If you are ready to buy or just want more info – CLICK HERE

Below is a video explaining the construction of the Eigate BDC Clearomizers.





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