Mig Cigs 21 Clear Fusion Kit – The Power of an Ego in a Pen Style

Jun. 6, 2014
by Matt Wallace

Mig Cigs Clear Fusion TankOur most popular kit is exclusively brought to you by Mig Cigs. With this stylish, sleek tank System you will find the power of an Ego in a pen style. Why do our customers love this kit so much? Because it’s the perfect starter kit for any first time smokers who want to try vapor cigarettes for the first time AND it’s also for anyone who is ready to switch brands for a higher quality vapor cigarette that has the power of an ego in a pen style.

Power is what this ecigarette is all about. This kit comes with Mig’s 4.2 volt 380 mah Super Battery and our refillable Clear Fusion Tank. The tank was built and designed by Mig and Kanger Tech, so you know it’s quality. This Battery also works with all Mig Cigs cartomizers too. You get the best of the best with this kit.

Mig Cigs Super Long Lasting Battery

Mig Cigs products are long lasting, durable and give the best vapor hits of any brand on the market. Our batteries are super long lasting with our proprietary battery technology that gives you a constant high voltage until you need to charge. This means that our batteries don’t weaken as you vape. With this kind of quality you know our products are awesome!

These clear tanks are refillable with your favorite Mig Cigs e-liquid or with any e-liquid you choose. This ecig gives you a constant awesome vape with 4.2 volts of consistent power without weakening. It’s just plain the best vaping experience you’ve ever had. This tank can be reused up to 20 times with proper care.

Sleek Pen Style Design

When you want the power of an ego in the look and feel of a cigarette this is your choice. Go ahead and take this one out in public because it blends in unlike the bulky mods. Vape while your friends are smoking and your thick heavy vapor is what they’ll notice. Go ahead and let them try because this is a perfect kit for smokers who want to switch.

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