Why You Should Prefer A Regulated Mod to A Mech Mod

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Aug. 12, 2016
by Vaping Guru


Mechanical mods are the most powerful, most customizable devices a vaper can get their hands on. But is the mech mod right for you? Or should you consider investing in a regulated box mod with temperature control? Let’s find out.

A mech mod or a mechanical mod is an unregulated device without any circuit board and runs directly off a battery. Since there is no circuitry, and the batteries keep providing continuous power, vapor production reduces as the batteries near the end of their lifespan. This also means that no matter how low the resistance of the coil is, a mech mod will keep firing while its regulated counterpart will either shut off or give an error. This quality makes the mech mods an ideal choice for use with rebuildable atomizers, sub-ohm vaping, and cloud chasing. Sub ohm vaping means vaping with a coil that has a resistance lower than 1 ohm, while cloud chasing is a sport where vapers compete with a goal of producing the biggest plumes of vapor.

Your knowledge and working experience with the vape mods defines the type of mode is best suited for your vaping needs. If you’re having trouble figuring out which type of mod is the right fit for you, consider the pros and cons of a mechanical mod:

Pros and Cons of Mech Mods

Benefits of the Mech Mods

Mech mods offer many benefits over their regulated rivals, here are some of these:

  • Mech Mods Are Reliable

Since mech mods lack any electronic circuitry and have only a few electronic parts that can malfunction, they are comparatively more reliable. On the other hand, advanced circuit boards and sensors make the regulated mods susceptible to failure.

  • Mech Mods Are Durable

Another major benefit of mech mods is their unrivaled durability. Well-built mechanical mods are virtually unbreakable since all they consist of is a metallic tube.

  • Mech Mods Are Easy to Fix

Mechanical mods can fail sometimes, but since they have an extremely simple design, fixing them is also very easy. You might have to replace a certain part and you’re good to enjoy your vape again. On the flip, regulated mods are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fix.

  • Mech Mods Offer Intense Vaping

Mech mods really excel when it comes to customizing and tweaking your vaping experience. You can easily narrow down your vaping experience to a tee by your custom configuration of the coil set up. This is why cloud chasers and sub-ohm vaping enthusiasts love mech mods.

Sub-ohm vaping is the extreme of vaping, and is pretty much what Formula 1 racing is to driving. In other words, it’s extremely fun, but not for everyone. Sub-ohm vapers love mechanical mods because they’ll keep firing no matter how ridiculously low coil resistance you throw at them, while a regulated mod will simply stop to function.

  • Ideal for Use with Rebuildable Atomizer

After making those little adjustments to your rebuildable atomizer, you need to fire the mod to see how the coil is holding up. Again, regulated mods will give you a hard time by repeatedly shutting off and giving error messages, while a mech will keep firing. This is why mechanical vape mods are considered the holy grail by the rebuilders.


Disadvantages of Mech Mods

  • Steep Learning Curve and Risky Operation

The biggest issue with the mechanical mods is the steep learning curve and several hazards they can pose if you make even the tiniest mistake. This is why, mechanical mods are recommended for use by only those who possess considerable knowledge and working experience of vape mods and also have a basic understanding of electronics, Ohm’s Law, amperage calculations, and battery c-ratings and safety. Flirting with mechanical mods without the experience and knowledge can lead to accidents which can cause severe injuries as well as property damage. This is the biggest concern for anyone who wants to use a mechanical mod.

  • As part of the vaping community, Mig Vapor would like to issue a caution against using mechanical, unregulated mods. Many vapers have come to our offices with questions about mechanical vape mods. We have seen how these devices work and we have cause for concern. A mech mod is essentially configured like a pipe bomb. A strong typically copper metal casing containing a powerful battery. A similar casing tho what is used by a military explosive brass device to create maximum shrapnel. Without regulation, a battery can easily lapse into a thermal runaway, which is an out of control power surge. When the pressure and gases build to an explosive level, the device is shredded and the atomizer on top of the device is turned into a deadly projectile. In the opinion of Mig Vapor, unless you have a degree in electronics, do not use a mech mod. This device could kill you or disfigure you as a person. Mig vapor has never designed or offered any mechanical vaping device or used any cheap, unstable batteries.
  • Many batteries sold in the open market, specifically the 18650 plastic wrapped battery, may not even be insurable to the seller depending on the brand. High quality brand name batteries have product liability insurance. Unfortunately, there are many counterfeit batteries that do not have liability insurance. Further complicating matters, it is difficult to differentiate originals from copies made in China, Mig Vapor does not sell these counterfeit batteries. And we are insured as well as have Quality Assurance People in China to eliminate LQC or Low Quality components.
  • More and more vape shops are feeling the crunch of the 2018 tariffs, and are directly reaching out to sketchy Chinese manufacturers to save money as the tariffs, have had crushing effects on the vaping industry. All vaping devices are subject to tariffs. This factor coupled with massive counterfeiting from Chinese companies in Shenzhen are causing public opinion to sway from positive to negative.The reality is less than 1% of people who vape use dangerous, unregulated vapor devices. Mig Vapor is warning all vapers that a mechanical mod coupled with potentially dangerous power sources could end your life. Minamily, it could disfigure a person causing lifelong physiological and psychological damage.
  • The MIG 21 vape pen has worked for thousands of people, and it’s a small but high capacity built in  battery. Mig Vapor batteries are built to the highest standards and use only the highest grade lithium with no dangerous impurities. It is vital for vapers to understand the crucial importance of using only high quality vapor products from reputable companies like Mig Vapor.


  • More Expensive

Although the reliability and durability of a mech mod will keep your wallet happy for a long time to come, mechanical mods can be costly in two ways. Firstly, you’ll need a substantial initial investment to get a mechanical mod while you can get a very reasonably priced regulated mod that will last fairly long. Secondly, you will need to buy batteries and e-liquids more frequently, as mech mods use both of these resources very generously.

  • Unnecessarily High Power

This is a myth propagated by some so-called vaping gurus to impress their novice peers. While it is a fact that mech mods can offer insanely high power, but usually that’s pretty much useless. Regulated box mods can go up to 200W or even higher, and that’s all you need. Vaping at ridiculously higher wattage/voltage usually gives a burnt taste that nobody wants, and also can result in the emission of Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, into the vapor.

  • Unwieldy and Big

The latest regulated mods come in a variety of amazingly good looking designs and ergonomic shapes, however, the mechanical mods are usually large tubes, with very simple design.

  • Battery Hogs

The newer regulated mods are built with battery preservation in mind, and some can last for days on a single charge. Mech mods, on the other hand, can zap the batteries rather quickly, especially when you’re using coils with very low resistance.

  • Frequent Cleaning and Maintenance

A mech mod has to be disassembled and cleaned regularly, as the internal parts tend to get gummed up. If not cleaned for too long, the mod won’t work smoothly. Moreover, you’ll also have to take special care of threads, and clean them regularly.


So, Which Mod Should You Get?

If you have the experience and knowledge, and want to go beyond the limits then you should go for a mech mod. But for beginners, and even moderately experienced vapers, mechanical mods are simply too much to handle. At first, it might sound a little off-putting and even annoying that regulated mods turn off or give error messages at lower resistances, however, this is only to ensure your safety.  When batteries get too hot or are stretched beyond their limits, they can explode and cause serious injuries and property damage.

Moreover, unlike a mech mod, a regulated box mod comes with a circuitry and several types of built-in protection mechanisms, such as short-circuit protection, overheating protection, over-discharge protection etc. Regulated mods offer a constant supply of wattage/voltage, however, due to limitations of technology, they don’t offer as much power or customization as unregulated mech mods.

So isn’t there a mod that offers the best of both worlds?

Well, the answer is regulated box mods with temperature control that allow you to vape at extremely low resistance levels and also offer somewhat same vaping experience as a mech mod. A temperature control mods work like your car’s cruise control i.e. by allowing you to pre-set a value in Celsius / Fahrenheit, and your coil won’t exceed this limit, no matter how long a drag you take.

In short, mech mods are very powerful and are geared towards a small percentage of highly experienced vapers, who know their stuff really well. For everyone else, regulated box mods are the best bet as they offer an experience which might be a little less intense than that offered by a mech mod, but is exponentially safe and satisfying.

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