Making the Mig Cigs Switch

Matt Wallace
Feb. 8, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Making the Switch

If you or someone you know has stumbled onto our site, or gotten a shared Facebook Post from a friend of yours who’s using our products, perhaps you or they might be interested in making the switch. That’s right, switching from traditional, harmful tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Some people out there wonder what the difference could be as they both have nicotine and chemicals. Well…

At Mig Cigs, we carry a wide array of electronic cigarettes that offer a variety of benefits for people looking to making the switch such as:

  • No Tar. No Ash. No Smoke.
  • There are no harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes unlike those found in traditional cigarettes.
  • It’s the first step in the right direction to a better and healthier lifestyle.

These electronic options to traditional tobacco products advocate harm reduction, and they can assist you entirely in making the switch.

We were taught in school, and even being former smokers ourselves, that tobacco cigarettes are very addictive. Many studies have shown that vaping’s notably less addictive. Sure electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, but again, they don’t contain all the other harmful toxins and carcinogens as traditional cigarettes have in them.

People who make the switch also find that they’re able to breathe more effortlessly, they’ve fewer cravings, their smokers cough is reduced, and they no longer smell like a receptacle for tobacco ash and cigarette butts. All these reasons alone are how and why electronic cigarettes can be used to replace traditional cigarettes.

Many smokers find it much easier to make the switch to e-cigarettes rather than simply giving up on tobacco cigarettes in a sudden and abrupt manner. What helps them be able to do this are the e-liquids or flavor cartridges that you put inside these devices to enable you to vape away. We carry a wide array of them to choose from on our site . There are different nicotine strengths to choose from. The best advice is to start off with a smaller strength and work your way up, depending upon how your body reacts.

You don’t have to wait, or someone you know doesn’t have to wait until tomorrow, next week, next month or whenever to make the switch. I mean, what have you or they got to lose? Pick up a starter kit today and give it a shot. Because once someone ventures to the world of vaping, they may never look back!





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