Did You Know How All Of Us Can Benefit From Vaping?

Vaping Guru
Jun. 27, 2017
by Vaping Guru

One e-cigarette, numerous benefits

Vaping – a single word, endless controversies. Some oppose it to the point where they consider regular tobacco cigarette smoke and vape the same thing; others swear by it preaching it as culture, claiming that it allows healthier lifestyle, and can successfully serve as a quit smoking aid.

Vaping does not necessarily have to be compared to smoking in order to be considered as a less harmful practice. However, as many legislatures are aiming, and many are successfully equating vaping and smoking, benefits of vaping usually are presented in contrast to smoking.


When it comes to health, it is important to compare and contrast vaping to smoking, especially having on mind mentioned legislatures. Misinformation travel faster and stick longer than actual information, and vaping is yet to be properly studied and people properly educated on this matter.

All in all, besides being less harmful for health, vaping positively impacts sociopolitical, cultural, even economic spheres of one’s life. Here is how not just vapers, but everyone else as well can benefit from vaping.

Benefits of Vaping on Overall Health

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a devastating number of 6 million people annually die as a direct consequence of tobacco use. What is even more concerning is, having in mind the trends, that by 2030, this number will increase up to 8 million. At the same time, smoking is considered to be the single greatest preventable cause of death. There are numerous strategies aiming to reduce this ever growing number; still they are hardly effective due to overpowering campaigns of tobacco industry.

However, even though not officially defined as a quit smoking aid, vaping does decrease the number of smokers. Despite the fact that e-cigs, vaporizers, and vape pens are not registered as quit smoking tools, they are still intensively used by current smokers aiming to quit. The reason for that is this lies in the fact that these devices allow nicotine control management, making a smooth and balanced transition. You can even find tobacco flavored e-juices for your vaping device that will keep the tobacco flavor you are used to without the smoke or tar. 18,000 people in the UK have quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes, according to an analysis conducted by University College London.

If these numbers still do not provide enough evidence that vaping is, if not a healthier, then certainly a less harmful alternative to smoking, let us imagine that you are a smoker turning vaper. Here is how your body will reward you for this decision within 24 hours or several months after you switch to vaping:

  • You will actually be able to taste properly, as your sense of taste will no longer make everything else taste of cigarettes.
  • Resting heart rate will be reduced by 20%.
  • Energy levels will be balanced and improved.
  • You might still have nightmares, but you will not wake up due to breath loss.
  • Indigestion and other irritating stomach sensations will disappear.
  • Better circulation.
  • Breathe in, breathe out, deep and slow, as your sinuses will be cleansed.
  • You will not cough anymore like a cat that swallowed a fur ball as e-cigs contain no tar.
  • Increased hydration – vaping does dry out your mouth, but this will help you body to hydrate, as you will drink more water and keep yourself hydrated and balanced.
  • If you cut yourself, your wound will heal faster as your skin and blood cells will regenerate once tobacco is off your body.

Sociopolitical benefits – Vaping fights injustice

Besides these quite obvious health benefits that many will ignorantly overlook, vaping has a sociopolitical impact as well. Firstly, vaping has nowadays moved from a subcultural phenomenon to a complex cultural discourse. Numerous vaping events and festivals took vaping to the level of a systematic culture with its own means of expression. Moreover, what is more important is that vaping initiates socialization. Likeminded people and vapers get together, especially youngsters, as they compete in cloud chasing or simply trade products. All of that while staying away from tobacco smoke and fighting against smoking at the same time.

Even though Surgeon General warns on effects that e-cigs might have on youth development, they also state that “today, more high-school students use e-cigarettes than regular cigarettes. The use of e-cigarettes is higher among high-school students than adults.” This means that fewer kids are exposed to tobacco smoke, and that even fewer are likely to become smokers. However, to properly maintain your child’s health, check our vaping and parenting guide.

Additionally, due to increasing intentions of lawmakers and governmental instances to completely equate smoking and its effect with those of vaping, vaping sparks political engagement as well. Many vapers are organizing themselves in order to transmit proper education on the subject. By doing so, they are getting familiar with laws and prohibitions, initiating scientific examinations and most importantly, fighting for healthier lifestyle everyone can benefit from. By reconsidering the laws on vaping, vapers are at the same time tackling laws on health, minorities, climate change and environmental pollution, and making all these issues more visible. You can read our latest report on vaping among the LGBTQ community, their struggle, and how they can benefit from vaping.

Economic benefits – Vaping saves money

Average person spends more than $8,000 a year on their smoking passion. This is awful lot considering the lack of proper health care, cost of private insurances, or for example, student loans. On the other hand, vaping is highly cost effective. Yes, if you get really passionate about it, you might spend quite a bit on your advanced and aestheticized vaping gear, but usually the sum that an average vaper spends on this life-saving habit is around $200. After purchasing the vaping device, usually a starter kit, you need to find the best e-juice, and to properly maintain, clean, and charge your device.

Not only that vaping saves you money, but it can make you money as well. Vaping saves tax money on healthcare, generates tax revenue on vaping business, and it creates employment opportunities. As vaping industry is growing, this means that there are more job openings on the market, and more chances to earn money and secure financial stability.

After all of this, one cannot but ask – is it still possible that someone will choose to die rather than live longer and healthier?





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