Best Electronic Cigarette For Mature Adult Smokers

Matt Wallace
Feb. 14, 2019
by Matt Wallace

The best e-cig for smokers is a promise many adult tobacco consumers have heard a lot over the years. For the most part, they have been left disappointed. Finding the right product to make the switch to vapor has been elusive for millions of older smokers. Mig vapor understands your frustration. We have not forgotten about you.

Many adult smokers over the age of 45 have been smoking for a very long time. Most have tried to quit many times but have been unable to escape the grip of cigarettes. We have heard from many of you that the e-cigs that you have tried have just not been up to the job. Worse, we understand that many smokers have given up and consigned themselves to the inevitable fate of a smoker. Hang on. We have not forgotten about you.

Mig vapor has heard from grandmothers, grandfathers, retired people and older adults who have expressed frustration at the vapor industry. JUUL looks like a USB memory stick. Pod mods look like science fiction space communicators. Vape shop owners want to sell you a 200 watt mod with 200 buttons to go with it. The fact of the matter is that the industry sees you as too small a market share to worry about. That’s the sad reality. But we have not forgotten about you.

E-cigs For Adult Smokers

The best e-cigs for adult smokers should be easy to use, familiar, and fully satisfying. Mature smokers just want something that works, not an electronic gadget. The ideal e-cig for smokers is an electronic cigarette that looks like a tobacco cigarette, better known as a cigalike. Mig Vapor e-cigarette kits look like a cigarette, as they should.

  • Adult smokers want an e-cig that works, not a gadget
  • An e-cig that looks like a cigarette is often called a cigalike
  • Mig Vapor makes the first cigalike that is the best e-cig for smokers

No one will mistake a Mig Cig for a USB computer device or something that can talk to aliens! Mig Vapor e-cig kits offer the comfort of familiarity. Wouldn’t it be nice if a vapor company actually made a better cigalike? Mig vapor has done exactly that.

There are a few things that make Mig Vapor e-cigs different from the rest. The e-cig cartridge is a technology that was developed almost a decade ago and most e-cig companies have not bothered to update that technology. But Mig vapor is not most e-cig companies. With the help of a tireless R&D team, Mig Vapor worked with the world’s best manufacturers to develop new e-cig cartridge atomizer technology. The result is a fuller, more flavorful, and satisfying vapor experience.

MIG CIG Ulta: The Extra Strength Game Changing E-cig

In addition to making a better cigalike, Mig Vapor has introduced Ulta. The Ulta e-cig cartridge has the strength of a JUUL cartridge but it is designed for the familiar cigalike design preferred by adult smokers. Ulta represents the strongest cigalike cartridge made to date. With updated cartridge technology and smooth nic salt flavors, Ulta is a true game changer.

The problem smokers have had with previous e-cigs is that the vapor has not been strong enough to satisfy nicotine cravings. In other words, they did not work. For the first time, smokers can use a cigalike that works. The new Ulta cartridge packs a punch of flavor and satisfaction in every puff.

Ulta is a 50 mg nicotine strength. The nicotine salt formula is different than regular nicotine. Normally, the nicotine used in e-cig liquids is pharmaceutical grade and extracted from the leaves of tobacco plants. Nicotine salts are different and come from a different part of the tobacco plant. Nicotine salt liquids are not as harsh as regular pharmaceutical grade nicotine and as a result more nicotine can be inhaled without irritation. In fact, Mig Vapor nic salt liquid is rich, smooth, and dense vapor.

Ulta Mig Cig Cartridge Flavors

Ulta cartridges come in the following flavors:

  • Red Zeppelin – strong tobacco
  • The House – an American tobacco flavor
  • Sahara Classic – a mild to light tobacco flavor
  • Menthol Blast – menthol tobacco
  • Colombian Coffee – a coffee flavors e-cig flavor
  • Cucumber – authentic cucumber taste
  • Miami Mango – a flavorful mango vapor
  • Miami Mango Blast – extra burst of mango
  • Blueberry Classic – sweet blueberries
  • Grape – spot on grape flavor
  • Vanilla – a smooth and dreamy vanilla vape

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See All Mig Vapor E-cig Cartridges Here


E-cig cartridges can be found under the category of Electronic Cigarettes on the Mig Vapor website. When choosing a cartridge, simply select the flavor and nicotine level. The nicotine levels are:

  • 0 mg – no nicotine
  • 6 mg – light 6% nicotine
  • 12 mg – a mild 12% nicotine level
  • 18 mg – medium 18% nicotine
  • 24 mg – 24% medium to strong
  • 50 mg – new Ulta extra bold nicotine for smokers

Replacement Ulta cartridges are available from Mig Vapor with online ordering for your convenience. Online ordering is quick and easy. Simply choose what you want, add to your cart, and when you are finished shopping just check out. Mig Vapor does not sell to minors and we use an age verification process that is able to quickly verify identity. Also, customers can save money by joining the Mig Vapor rewards program.

E-cigarette Kits For Seasoned Smokers

Mig Vapor offers several e-cig kits for smokers. The Mig Cig kits come with everything you need to start vaping. However, we will focus on what we consider to be the two best to get you started toward making the switch. But before getting into that, here is some specific information about what distinguishes Mig Cig kits from others.

  • Mig Cig batteries look like a cigarette. Each battery is made with the highest quality lithium ion cells as well as electronics. It is a micro powerhouse. Mig batteries provide the same power from the first puff to the last, that sets us apart from every company out there. Many of our competitors use low quality batteries and electronics that do not last. Mig batteries are designed to last. In addition, each battery contains a precision micro processor that delivers a consistent, controlled 4.2 volt equivalent. That precision leads to better vaping and long lasting batteries.
  • Adult tobacco users can choose from two types of batteries. The manual battery has a button that the user presses to vape. The automatic battery activates automatically when the user takes a puff.
  • Mig Cig batteries are 110 mm in length. Mig Super Power batteries are 140 mm in length and have more battery capacity.
  • The newly designed Mig Cig cartridges are the most technologically advanced. Mig’s R&D team worked with the best manufacturers in the world to update the technology. Other companies are still using ten year old technology.

The best e-cig kits for adult smokers should come with multiple batteries and cartridges. While there are multiple options, we recommend these two kits.

Mig Cig Standard E-Cig Kit

The Mig Cig Standard e-cig kit comes with all of the following:

  • 2 – Mig Cig 110 mm batteries. Choose between automatic or manual and color.
  • 10 – E-cig cartridges. Choose flavor and nicotine strength. Ulta 50 mg strength recommended for smokers.
  • USB battery charger for your computer.
  • Wall charger to plug into a standard American outlet.
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card info

Mig Cig starter kits look like cigarettes and are about the same size. Plus these e-cigs are the easiest to use. Simply charge the battery, connect a cartridge to a battery and start vaping.


Check out the Mig Cig Standard e-cig starter kit here.


Mig Cig Standard Plus E-Cig Kit

The Mig Cig Standard Plus e-cig starter kit is an exceptional value. It comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles.

  • 2 – Mig Cig 110 mm batteries.
  • 1 – Mig Super Power 140 mm battery.
  • 10 – E-cig cartridges, choose flavor and nicotine level. Ulta 50 mg recommended for smokers.
  • USB charger
  • Wall charger
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card info
  • Carry Case

The extra super power battery is excellent for longer days away from home. And the carry case is very handy for keeping everything together as well as for travel.


Take a look at the Standard Plus kit here.


Mig Cig kits are made for adult smokers. For any smoker that has tried other e-cig that fell short, or for those that have given up, try Mig Cigs with the new Ulta strength cartridges. We made these for you.



*JUUL is a registered trademark of JUUL Labs Inc and Altria, the owners of Marlboro. Mig Vapor is owned and operated by a single owner. A 56 year old, ex three pack a day smoker from Texas. Mig Vapor is an independent American business with no affiliation with Big Tobacco or JUUL Labs Inc.





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