Is There An Improved Sex Life With Vaping?

Matt Wallace
May. 16, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Big Tobacco likes to depict their products as cool, hip, trendy, and sexy, giving the sense that smoking makes you look especially sexy too. This isn’t 1950. Today’s generation already knows that in reality, smoking cigarettes and even cigars are actually one of the worst habits for keeping a healthy sex life.

Now, the first thing to do if you’re having difficulties in your sex life, which is also a no-brainier but easier said than done thing type of task, is to quit smoking or cut-back on the amount cigarettes you smoke. The 4,000+ toxins that’re drawn in from cigarette smoking causes lethargy, reduces endurance, and lowers testosterone levels, thereby inhibiting your natural libido.

But what about vaping?

As a vasoconstrictor (contracting the blood vessels), nicotine consumption is presumed to be one of the top culprits behind an inhibited libido in both men and women. However, according to Dr. Murray Laugeson: “With respect to e-cigarettes, the nicotine dose per puff is only about 10% that of a puff from a regular tobacco cigarette, and so e-cigarettes alone are unlikely to cause impotence.”

Finally all vaping devices permit water vapor instead of irritating and odorous smoke, which means there’s no harsh smoker’s breath to derail that romantic moment.

Of course, further studies are needed to reveal the full effects vaping has on sexual performance and energy. Until then, why not conduct your own experiment and try electronic cigarettes from Mig Cigs to find out for yourself?





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