Influence of Big Tobacco on the E Cigarette Market

Matt Wallace
Mar. 12, 2018
by Matt Wallace

influence on e cigarettes from big tobacco

As the general public is becoming more aware and wary of the health risks connected to smoking tobacco, more and more people are looking to find an alternative. Because of the extensive number studies that have tied smoking cigarettes to lung cancer, heart disease, and other negative health conditions, people started to develop technology that could provide people with the nicotine that their bodies were craving without the chemicals and tar that cigarettes contained. This research eventually led to the development of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.


These vape products have become a wild trend in the younger populations and have even begun to gain traction within the older generations too. As the trend shifts from smoking cigarettes to vaping, Big Tobacco companies have seen a steady decrease in cigarette sales, which has forced them to reevaluate their business strategies. As this new trend has been brought to light, however, the question is being raised – just how much will Big Tobacco influence the e-cigarette market?


The Big Tobacco companies, which generally refers to China National Tobacco Co., Altria (formerly known as Phillip Morris), British American Tobacco (BAT), Imperial Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco, have not faced a product as threatening as this one, and it has led them to join the market rather than fight it. With the seemingly unlimited resources that these companies possess however, many people are beginning to wonder how involved these companies are getting. As research is being carried out, it has been discovered that many vaping companies are subsidiary companies of some of these Big Tobacco companies. Companies like Blu (owned by Imperial) and Vype (owned by BAT) are growing in popularity and taking over the vaping market. While these companies may be increasing in popularity, however, 80% of the e-cigarette brands remain independently owned.


In order to encourage this new e cig market influence and increase sales of vaping products, Big Tobacco companies are starting to make claims that they want to promote a smoke free world. Many are speculating that this is simply a marketing strategy. While that may be the case, it seems to be working. In doing this they are turning more people towards the vaping community, naïve to the fact that they are doing exactly what these companies want. Statistics show that it is likely that we will see a 24% increase annually of the multibillion-dollar vaping industry. While the gap between the two industries seems unimaginably large at the time being, if the upward trend continues, especially with the backing of Big Tobacco companies, vaping could very well be the next big industry.


Despite the Big Tobacco motives, the shift in market from cigarettes to vaping products could very well end up saving hundreds of thousands of lives. While long term research has not yet been carried out, initial studies are showing that vaping is much less harmful to your body than cigarettes. The occurrence of diseases linked to cigarettes could be drastically decreased, which could be an incentive to make the switch.





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