How to Stealth Vape

Matt Wallace
Aug. 1, 2018
by Matt Wallace

stealth vaping

Some vapers love their big MODs that produce the thickest clouds on the street. It can be fun to vape like this every once and awhile, but there are some places and times that require a subtler approach. Not everyone in modern society has been enlightened to the differences between smoking and vaping and may not take too kindly to you vaping around them. Vapers have been accustomed to awkward stares, micro-expressions of negativity shown to them, and the tactics passersby use to avoid breathing in the “toxic” fumes. In many ways, vapers are treated like traditional cigarette smokers. Since the law and the EPA equivalate the two far too often, it’s no wonder these thought patterns continue in the minds of everyday citizens.


While it will take time to convince larger society of the safety of vaporizers, we can respect those who wish not to have second-hand vapor blown in their faces. If you wish to avoid the judgmental stares, tones of disgust, or just want to vape in peace, take a look at our tips for stealth vaping below.


Choose a Smaller Device


One of the easiest ways to conceal your session is by using a smaller device. Some people may not even notice you’re smoking something if you’re using a cig-a-like or a portable vape pen. There are even some vaporizers on the market that look like everyday objects, so people don’t look twice at them. At this time, most people are aware of or have seen e-cigarettes and know what they are. However, if you’re vaping with a giant box MOD, you may be stopped and asked a few questions. This can be a great opportunity to educate those who don’t know much about vaporizers, but some people just want to quickly enjoy their session.


Use Subtle Flavors


Using a flavor like tobacco or menthol can further one’s assumptions that vaporizers are just as bad as cigarettes. After all, they smell the same, so they must contain the same harmful chemicals, right? It’s fine to enjoy these flavors on your own time, but if you want to hide your product in public, you may want to stick with citrus, cherry, or vanilla flavors—ones that wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. Since these flavors are so common in everyday experiences, some people may even think the scent is coming from something else, rather than your device.


Minimize Clouds


Even with a small device with low power and inconspicuous e-juice flavor, there’s the inevitable reality that you’ll give away your position once you blow any amount of vapor from your mouth. If you’re really trying to conceal your session from prying eyes, you can use a few techniques to dissipate the cloud either before or during exhalation. One way to reduce the size of your clouds is to hold the vapor in your mouth for longer. Once it has time to condense inside of your lungs, you can also exhale through your nose to minimize the escaping vapor.


If the vapor is still noticeable after attempting these tricks, you can also use a screen to filter and/or trap the vapor. Most vapers exhale through a paper towel or their shirt, which block the vapor from forming a large cloud in the atmosphere. Another benefit to this trick is that the material also traps a majority of the smell as well.


Act Normal


If you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re vaping, the worst thing you can do is draw attention to yourself by acting suspicious. As difficult as it may be, try acting as normal as possible. If you’re taking a vape break at work, don’t get up from your desk ten times in one hour. If you integrate your sessions into your normal routine, your coworkers will hardly notice.


Of course, all of these recommendations are for legal uses of vaporizers, and in no way are we advocating for the use of vaporizers where they are forbidden. However, we understand that even in public, legal places, vapers sometimes don’t want to draw attention to themselves. In these circumstances, you may wish to utilize some of the tips listed above for a more comfortable and relaxed session in the public space. No one says you have to stay hidden away in your home to enjoy your vaporizer, but we still want to respect the law when it comes to where and what you can vape in public. Be smart and obey your local laws.





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