How To Choose An Electronic Cigarette

Matt Wallace
Aug. 26, 2013
by Matt Wallace

What is the best electronic cigarette on the market?

mig cigs e-cigaretteYou’ve no doubt heard about them and now you’re ready to try them. Are you wondering what the best electronic cigarette on the market is for a beginner? Mig Cigs of course! Our premium electronic cigarettes are more satisfying to our customers than any other brand they’ve tried. We’ve spent a lot of time into perfecting the design and the delivery system of the components in our e-cigarette. That’s why Mig Cigs tops all the others in giving you the best e -cig experience possible in a pen style. E-cigarettes are very easy to use and once you try Mig Cigs you’ll realize that they are actually better than standard cigarettes.

What are E-Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are only made of two components – the cartomizer or cartridge and the battery. The cartomizer looks like a cigarette filter and the battery looks like the body of a cigarette. Also, the cartomizer hold the atomizer, which is the element that heats up the liquid flavors and nicotine and in turn it becomes warm water vapor. The cartomizer or cartridge can hold flavors that have nicotine levels from 0mg to 1.8mg. It depends on your personal taste and smoking preference.

How to Buy an Electronic Cigarette

To buy an e-cigarette for the first time, how do you know what to look for in a premium e-cigarette? Here’s what determines your satisfaction in an electronic cigarette – a long lasting e-cig battery charge and the power of the vapor when you inhale…..and of course the wonderful cartridge flavors! In other words you want a battery that lasts a long time before it needs recharging and you want a full hit of vapor just like when you take a hit from a cigarette.

You will also choose your nicotine level. Are you a light smoker or a heavy smoker? A light smoker would be 1 – 2 packs a week and a heavy smoker would be 1 – 2 packs per day.

Our e-cig nicotine levels are as follows:

The nicotine levels in e-liquid are different than the amount of nicotine in a cigarette. But you can use your current tobacco habit as your baseline to choose a nicotine level.

5.0% – The new Ulta nicotine level. The strongest. Made for smokers.

2.4% – Medium to strong

1.8% – Nicotine comparable to a regular tobacco cigarette

1.2% – Nicotine comparable to a light filtered cigarette

0.6% – Nicotine comparable to an ultra-light filtered cigarette

0.0% – Zero nicotine for those that still want to partake in the ritual of smoking, but without the nicotine

Need more help choosing the right nicotine level for e-cigs? Start here.

What Style of E-Cigarette is best?

A pen style or traditional style is the choice for most new e-cigarette smokers simply because it looks and feels like a real cigarette. At the beginning it may be difficult to transition with anything other than what is reminiscent of a traditional cigarette. Once you are enjoying your new e-cigarette lifestyle and are comfortable with all the accoutrements, you may want to branch out and explore other vaping options. Although, many of our users never leave our pen style completely as it’s been said that “Mig Cigs has the power of an ego in a stick.”

When Should I Switch To E-Cigarettes?

We’ll put it like this…. regular cigarettes have nearly 600 ingredients in cigarettes. When burned, they create more than 4,000 chemicals – including tar. Electronic cigarettes can have between 4 – 11 ingredients depending on the flavor and manufacturer. You do the math.

We will say that electronic cigarette starter kits make great gifts for someone you know that should be on a tobacco alternative. Specifically, our Mig Cigs standard kit is great for such occasions as this. Mig Cigs are also compatible with V2 Cigs.

We have a large selection of electronic cigarette starter kits – what are you waiting for? Try Mig Cigs and you’ll soon discover that they are actually better than cigarettes. Remember – no smoke, no smell, no ashes. It’s smart to switch!





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