Higher Altitude Vaping

Matt Wallace
Dec. 1, 2015
by Matt Wallace


Different altitudes mean different air pressure, and this is bound to affect your vaping experience. However, the level of altitude you at when it impacts your vaping experience is dependent on more factors than just a change of altitude itself. Some of these factors include the quality of the vaping device, coils, and wicks.

When you move to high altitude areas, the air pressure increases. When this happens, excess air tends to force itself into your  device, hence forcing some of your e-liquid out, thereby, leading to leakage in your device. All of them are susceptible to this law of science. However, the amount of leakage is dependent on the type of device you’re using. You’ll find that rebuildable tank atomizers leak more than the ordinary MODs the higher up you are. There are some brands and types though that tend to be made to handle altitude changes better than others.

Now, leaking of your device with changes in altitude is also dependent on the wick that’s used. If your device has a high quality wick, then little or no leakage may be observed. This is because the wick will effectively act as a blockage to the e-liquid that’s trying to get out. To some extent, this may also be supported by having a top coil in your vaping device.

With different altitudes, especially, from low to high altitudes, you’ll find that producing thick vape clouds aren’t easy. This is caused by flooding of air in your tank, therefore, leading to thinner vapor. In such instances, you may find it helpful to vape while your device is upside down for a bit. This helps get rid of the excess air. On the other hand, when you fill your device at high altitudes and try vaping it on lower altitudes, you may experience dry hits. Again, this can be corrected by what I just mentioned.

With altitude changes, your vaping experience also tends to change. However, you can control the level of change when you’re vaping by regulating other factors. First ensure that you purchase high quality tanks made to withstand altitude changes. Also, ensure that their wicks are high quality. Also, while traveling over different altitudes, make sure that your tank’s empty or half full, and only fill it once you get to your destination. This will help prevent the leakages.





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