Help The Vaping Movement By Avoiding These 3 Practices:

Matt Wallace
Mar. 21, 2015
by Matt Wallace

Vapor Movement

You hear it on the news or you see it on the web when it comes to the topic of vaping. A lot of  people out there in this industry are fighting with everything they got to ensure that electronic cigarettes can be the alternative to harmful tobacco cigarettes. Unfortunately, some vaping users have let manners and etiquette go by the waist side.

Below are 3 practices to avoid that you should be aware of, as they could be hurting the movement.

Avoid Practice #1: Creating Way Too Much Fog with Your Vaporizer

When it comes to the amount of vapor from your device, bigger isn’t always better. With vaping technology consistently advancing, there are more users that’re going crazy with over the top MODs. Newbies view the large vapor clouds as being the epitome e-cigarette experience, so they can’t wait to explore the robust atomizers that create monster clouds. However, the average non-smoker’s going to be irritated if you’re constantly blowing out immense waves of vapor right at them

Avoid Practice #2:  Vaping in Places Where You Shouldn’t Be Vaping

  • Movie Theaters: If you were a non-smoker or non-vaper, just imagine how it would feel to pay for a good movie only to find yourself behind an thoughtless e-cigarette user. Even if non-smokers are accepting with vaping, they’re likely to get frustrated when your vape clouds start to block their view.
  • Schools: When you go for parent teacher conferences, or you’re picking up your kids for that matter, deny your urge to pull out the e-cigarette and take a puff, regardless of the mood you might be in. Schools have a strict NO SMOKING policy. We know, we know. Look, even though your device is technically smoke-free, it still projects a bad image to children. Just keep that in mind.
  • Restaurants and Malls: Unless you have permission, try not to walk through malls, retail outlets, and even restaurants vaping away. And even if you are given permission, be courteous about it. There are other people around you that don’t share your taste for your favorite e-liquid that’s being vaped right in front of them.

Avoid Practice #3:  Continuing the Duel between Cigarettes and Vaping

Duel-use is common when you first start using electronic cigarettes. As you’re making the transition from smoking to vaping, you might slip up and smoke a cigarette once in a while. It happens. Still, you want to make it a goal to eliminate tobacco cigarettes and stick to electronic cigarettes. It’s not easy to give up cigarettes, but dual-use being shown in-front of non-smokers or non-vapers can give them the wrong impression of vaping. The industry’s working hard to pull apart electronic cigarettes from tobacco to avoid harsh taxes and legislation – you can do your part by sticking to vaping for good.

We hope that by making you aware of avoiding these 3 practices, you can become a better vaping user and have a more enjoyable experience overall. All we ask is that you use it responsibly around others and consider how they might feel or react even, when you’re vaping in public.





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