How To Find A Best Vape: An Ultimate Guide

Vaping Guru
Oct. 15, 2017
by Vaping Guru

Mods, vape tanks, e-cigs, vaporizers of all shapes and sizes. How do you choose? Our Guide to Find A Best Vape will give you a compass to help you zero in on your best options. If you love gadgetry or using interactive technology to craft your ideal vapor experience, you can go that route. If you want something simple and easy to use, you can do that, too!

For instance, in my parent’s house the conversation would go like this: Me: “Hello, Dad. This is a 200 watt mod that measures your atomizer resistance so you can adjust the variable wattage setting. Prime your coils and look on the coil for the right wattage.” Dad’s response: “You lost me at hello.” While my mom loves electronic technology, Dad is a more plug and play type.

The point is that there is no one size fits all answer to the perfect vape. The question really is, how do you find the perfect vape for you? That’s what we want to help you with.

The Vape Shop Experience

If you go into a vape shop or talk to an experienced vapor looking to find the best vape, they may sing the praises of cloud chasing and advanced e-cigarettes. That’s great! The thing is that huge plumes of vapor and a complicated mod might not be right for you. Vape shops tend to be operated by and patronized by vaping enthusiasts. If you are already a vaping enthusiast, you know what I mean. But if your first exposure as a new customer of e-cigs is at vape shop, it can be intimidating.

Wherever you buy your vape, it is a good idea to have an idea of what you are looking for before you buy. If you look in online forums, again you will find these heavily populated by the hardcore vaping aficionado. You will probably find helpful, well-intended people and some good tidbits of information here and there. But when it comes to choosing the perfect vape, we feel the best advice is to begin at the beginning.

How Do You Vape?

This is where we need to start. How are you going to vape? You can’t find a best vape without understanding which vaping style you want to enjoy. You can read our guide to learning how to vape here. Once you get an idea of how you are going to be vaping, that gives you a place to start for finding the right vape for yourself.

Your Vaping Budget

Figure out your vaping budget. Think about how much you want to spend. You can’t just look at the initial price of an e-cigarette, vape mod, or vaporizer. You have to look at what the long-term costs will be.


When you are choosing a vapor device, find out how long a replacement coil or e-cigarette refill cartridge will last. The better quality vapor products will last longer. Take note of how much replacement coils or cartridges cost.

  • Initial device cost important but consider long-term expense
  • Look at costs of replacement coils, e-liquids, and cartridges

Here’s a quick example. If you buy a basic e-cig from a convenience store, you will find that replacement cartridges come in only a couple of flavors and cost about $3 each. Conversely, Mig Vapor e-cig refill cartridges cost only $2 each or less. If you use one cartridge a day that adds up to $30 a month less. If you use two cartridges a day you’ll save $60 or more. So the long-term costs add up real quick.

The same goes for the costs of coils and e-liquids. One more thing, the quality of the battery and device directly impacts the longevity potential of atomizer coils. Low-quality products deliver inconsistent power output and shortens coil life. On the flip side, Mig Vapor devices, for example, deliver a steady, reliable, and consistent power output so you get maximum mileage out of all of your hardware.

Guide To Finding A Best Vape

Let’s start the Guide To Finding the Perfect Vape by talking about three basic styles of vaping:

Standard vaping – using a basic e-cigarette device with an atomizer resistance of 1.0 ohms and above. The vaping style is MTL or mouth to lung. This is when you draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale, similar to using traditional tobacco.
Sub ohm vaping – using an electronic cigarette device with an atomizer resistance below 1.0 ohms. The vaping style is DL or direct lung. DL vaping is when you draw the vapor directly into the lungs. This is different than how you might use a tobacco cigarette. Learn more about sub ohm vaping here.

Dry herb vaping – using a vaporizer to extract the active ingredient of tobacco, herbs, and other botanicals through vaporization. A vaporizer heats but does not burn materials generating a vapor.

Once you know which vaping style is right for you, it is time to start thinking about an appropriate device. How do you choose which vapor device will deliver the desired experience? Let’s ask some basic questions:

  • Do you want something that looks like and mimics a cigarette?
  • Do you want something with a cartridge or with refillable e-liquid tank?
  • Would you prefer a device that is easy to use?
  • Is your goal maximum vapor or is satisfaction most important?
  • Do you want something you can adjust or a self-adjusting mod?
  • Do you want a device for dry herb vaping?

Whatever you are looking for, the good news is that there really is something right for every adult tobacco consumer. Read the product descriptions of a device so you know which category it falls into and get an idea of how it works.

What To Look For In An Electronic Cigarette: Tip For Newbies

If you have talked to a few experienced vapers or watched a couple of videos, you have probably noticed that people want maximum vapor. If you are just starting out with your first electronic cigarette, forget about that. If you want to find a best vape you want to focus on your specific case. You don’t want to focus on vapor right now. Instead, you want to focus on satisfaction.

Keys to vapor satisfaction:

  • Product quality
  • Throat hit and nicotine satisfaction
  • Vapor
  • Flavor

1. Quality – Product quality has to be number one. If you have a device that is cheap quality or a fake e-cig, you will probably not be happy with it. And it likely will not vape well at all! Beyond that, fake or cheap e-cigs may even be dangerous. Stick with a proven, quality product. Make no mistake, when we talk about cheap e-cigs, we are not talking about price. You can get very good quality e-cigs for low prices.

2. Throat Hit and Nicotine Satisfaction – It doesn’t matter how much vapor there is if you do not enjoy and are satisfied by your vapor experience. You want an alternative tobacco product that delivers the fulfillment.

Throat hit refers to the sensation of inhaling something substantive. When you inhale tobacco smoke, you know it. New vapers want that same sensation with vapor. It is the nicotine and density that delivers the throat hit.

Nicotine satisfaction is about choosing the right nicotine level. Finding the right level may take a little trial and error.

3. Vapor – the amount of vapor produced is a factor of how much e-liquid is vaporized. A more powerful device will vaporize more and produce more vapor.
There is a level of satisfaction that adult tobacco consumers enjoy when exhaling a plume. Our habits are conditions to associate that exhaled plume with the sense of fulfilling a craving. Vapor production is important but it has to be associated with sensing that desired fulfillment.

Actual vapor output from a standard electronic cigarette, especially for new vapers, is important. But without the throat hit and nicotine fulfillment, the craving is not addressed. If you are just getting started vaping, don’t be overly concerned about vapor output. There will be vapor but don’t feel like you need the same amount of vapor that a cloud chaser makes to enjoy fulfilling vaping.

4. Flavor – the flavor is an important factor in your vaping enjoyment. Having access to a wide range of vaping flavors can complement and enhance your enjoyment.

Types of Electronic Cigarettes

To find a best vape you need the right device! There are many types of electronic cigarettes. That is a bit of an understatement! Let’s just list the three basics:

Cigalikes – cigarette style electronic cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes. This is a simple, 2-piece design that uses refill cartridges that attach to a battery.
Standard mods – work with refillable vape tanks with atomizer resistance over 1.0 ohms for MTL vaping. May have variable voltage. The vape tank may have adjustable airflow.
Sub ohm mods – may be box mods or tube style mods. Powerful vape devices that work with sub ohm tanks and coils with atomizer resistances under 1.0 ohms.

Cigalikes and standard vape mods are often the choice of new vapers because of the familiar MTL vaping style and ease of use. These are basically the plug and play type of e-cig.

Some of the standard mods have variable voltage. Variable voltage mods typically allow you to adjust the power output from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts. The sweet spot for most vapers is 4.2 volts. Some of the standard vaping tanks let you adjust the airflow. By adjusting airflow, you can customize the draw stiffness to suit your preference.

Ready For Sub Ohm Vapor?

Sub ohm vaping is all about the pursuit of vapor! The atomizer will have a resistance level of less than 1 ohm which will draw more power from the battery. You will be using a VG e-liquid with a lower nicotine level probably 3 mg or 6 mg tops.

If you want to go sub ohm, here are three things to think about:

1. Ease of use – sub ohm mods can be very sophisticated and even complicated. Many are adjustable up to 200 watts and beyond. There are various buttons and a display screen to monitor your settings. You can very quickly fry a coil and end up with a burnt tasting vape if you are not careful.

There are easy to use sub ohm mods like the Mig Vapor Neo box mod, or the tube style Morpheus mod. Both of these choices are capable of 100 watts of output but you never have to adjust anything. All of the calculations of atomizer resistance and proper wattage output are done automatically.

You also do not need a big, powerful sub ohm mod. If you want something smaller, the Mig Vapor Minion is a smaller sub ohm mod. The bottom line is that there are many choices and you don’t need to settle. Nor should you.

2. Quality – the quality of your sub ohm vape device is crucial. There are a number of factors including the manufacturing materials, processor technology, and battery quality. You want your vape device to last at least a year or more. Look for products that are backed by a warranty.

3. Cost – the long-term cost is where you either overspend or save money. Let’s look back at the quality factor. A cheaply made device or a fake e-cig with a low-quality battery and a cheap processor is going to be very hard on your coils. That will require you to change coils more frequently costing you more money.

You will also be buying vape juice on a regular basis. You definitely want to choose from among the best vape juice and e-liquids from trusted manufacturers. You don’t want some e-juice brand that was made in the back of a shop or a garage somewhere. You want a good price but don’t compromise on quality.

Finding the Best Vape for Your Dry Herbs

Your quest to find a perfect vape may be an alternative style of vaping. Dry herb vaping is a different kettle of fish. Instead of vaporizing e-liquid, you actually vaporize herbal material. If you want to try dry herb vaping, once again you have a multitude of choices.

How do you find just the right vaporizer? First, think about how you intend to use it. Will you strictly be using it at home? If so, you might want to think about a desktop vaporizer. A desktop vaporizer is a very large unit that plugs into an wall outlet. Prices range from $150 to $700.

If you want a portable vaporizer that you can take with you, then you once again have a lot of choices. A portable vaporizer can have adjustable temperature, a relatively large battery capacity, and a heating chamber that will contain 0.5 grams to 0.8 grams of material.

A vape pen or dab pen is typically smaller than a portable vaporizer. Vape pens are small, portable, and stealthy. The battery capacity is smaller than a portable and will require recharging frequently.

Finding The Right Vaporizer

Quality – If you come across a vaporizer that is cheap, packed in a clamshell package then chances are it could be some generic, cheaply made piece of junk. Don’t go cheap and junky! A low-quality vaporizer will not last long. It will probably even burn your materials defeating the whole purpose of vaporizing.

Cost – After railing against cheap quality vaporizers you might think that you have to spend a lot to get a good quality vaporizer. Nope. Not at all. When we talk about cheap vaporizers, we are talking about how they are made, not about the price tag. You can get a good portable model or vape pen for as low as $40. The higher end vaporizers can run into the $300 or $400 range. But you do not need to pay that much to get top quality. For example, The Dre portable vaporizer is infused with all of the latest technology and costs under $140.

Functions – There are two schools of thought here. There are vaporizers with multiple functions like variable temperature. A device that lets you set the vaporization temperature lets you customize the vapor experience. You can crank up the temperature for a harder hit and more vapor. For a more mellow session, you can tone down the temperature.

There are also excellent quality vaporizers that let you keep it simple. The Mig Vapor Torpedo requires no adjustments. You simply put in your materials, let the vaporizer heat up and rock on. The easy to use devices also tend to cost less than the vaporizers with variable temperature functionality.

If you want something smaller and stealthy, then you might want to consider a vape pen. Vape pens have smaller capacity batteries, smaller heating chambers so the vape sessions may be shorter. The advantage of a vape pen is privacy and portability.

Our Guide To Finding Your Perfect Vape

Finding your perfect vape may take a little bit of detective work, but it is well worth it. At Mig Vapor, we are unbelievably proud of our products, We have a tireless R&D team and we have developed devices for every vaping style and any budget. It was very tempting to use our Guide To Finding Your Perfect Vape to promote our products specifically. But we decided not to do that.

We did mention some of our products as examples but our goal is really to give you an operating framework to making the right choice for yourself. We wanted to help you figure out which devices and products will suit your specific needs. With this information, you can shop around and have a better understanding of what you are looking at.

If you would like to contact us to help you choose the perfect vape for you, we would be more than happy to help.

Still have questions? Contact Mig Vapor to help you find the perfect vape.





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